Live Webinars

InfinityQS webinars focus quality management and manufacturing best practices. They are lead by our expert staff including Industrial Statisticians, Certified Quality Engineers (CQEs) and Six Sigma Black Belts. View our upcoming live webinars below and click the title of the webinar to register.

NEW: InfinityQS is expanding its live webinar offerings for 2015. We are proud to introduce the Infusion Online webinar series. Included in this series will be our Tips and Tricks Live webinars and our Client Seminars. You can learn more about each format below.

Infusion Online Webinars

Tips and Tricks Live

Similar to our current Tips and Tricks email series, these monthly webinars will provide live, step-by-step tutorials in ProFicient. During these sessions, an InfinityQS expert will answer questions, share common pitfalls and illustrate best practices.

Our next Tips and Tricks Live webinar will be posted as soon as it's confirmed. Check back for updates.

Client Seminars

Our online client seminars are led by InfinityQS clients and focus on their own success stories with our software.

Our next Client Seminar will be posted as soon as it's confirmed. Check back for updates.

EMEA Webinars

These webinars are hosted through our Europe headquarters and are specific to EMEA-based manufacturers.

In-laws, Outlaws and Auditors: The guide to planning, executing and surviving the perilous business of audits
Wednesday, April 29th at 2:00pm GMT
In this live webinar, InfinityQS client solution manager Steven Voight deconstructs the intricacies of preparing for an audit while providing time-saving tips on how to create a practical, automated plan for compliance.

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You can also watch recordings of our previous live webinars by visiting our webinar archive.


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