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Operational Efficiency

ProFicient provides critical information for companies to make better use of quality and production data. Operationally, ProFicient guides the decision-making process and pinpoints areas for cost containment and quality improvement.

Sophisticated data analysis features built into ProFicient provide unique insights into manufacturing processes, helping identify opportunities for optimization, enhancing process capabilities and improving overall operational efficiencies.

Increased Productivity

Higher productivity means greater cost savings. Our customers are decreasing machine downtime and increasing productivity every day. 

One example is Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Cooper uses ProFicient to drive operational process improvements and productivity. In one plant, Cooper realized $400,000 in annual savings on a belt line by analyzing the dimensional data of components. That’s $400,000 in savings on just one line in just one plant. Similar savings were recognized on other production lines and throughout other facilities using ProFicient.
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ProFicient helps operations managers achieve a streamlined manufacturing environment. It automates data collection and analysis on the shop floor, identifying processes that are not performing at expected levels. With InfinityQS’ automated SPC solutions, all quality data is stored in a single database repository, eliminating the need for paper-based data collection and storage systems. Not only does the lack of paper help make operations more efficient, but it also helps with audits, compliance and reporting. 

Machine-to-Machine Comparisons

ProFicient allows users to easily compare machine-to-machine performance. Process data can be analyzed across product codes, shifts, batches, lot numbers or any combination of descriptors. The result is that the “personalities” of your manufacturing processes are revealed. 

Because ProFicient automates key aspects of manufacturing operations, fewer human resources are required and the potential for human error is greatly reduced. InfinityQS also offers tools for SPC analysis to be conducted in a “lights out,” fully automated data collection and analysis manufacturing environment, requiring no human resources for support.

Critical information such as defect levels by machine, part families, shifts and operating conditions provide management the ability to scientifically determine which jobs should be run on which production line. This information can be shared with planning and maintenance personnel to extract the highest efficiencies and lowest defect rates from your manufacturing processes. 

Insight and Visibility

ProFicient gives you insight into variations in performance, allowing you to understand how process improvements affect production. By identifying changes and settings within ProFicient, you can identify the effect on process yield and quality. This information results in efficiencies that lead to superior product quality and reduced production costs.
Additionally, ProFicient can automatically log downtime with critical product and process data, thus creating a historical record that can be used to identify opportunities for process optimization. This information can provide insight into maintenance planning needs, resulting in less downtime and higher yields. 

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