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Statistical Quality Control Charts

In addition to the wide variety of reports and statistical analyses, ProFicient offers over 300 types of control charts. This means you have extraordinary flexibility for applying the exact chart needed for your unique situation. With unlimited data mining and sorting, data visualization options are virtually endless.

ProFicient provides the crucial statistical quality control analysis tools that support SPC for long and short-run SPC applications and for both attributes and variables data types. Choose from hundreds of different control charts to easily manage the specific challenges of your SPC deployment. Charts and graphs can be automatically published to pre-defined Internet or corporate Intranet sites for those who don’t have access to the software.

Attribute Control Charts

ProFicient offers Traditional and Standardized Processing options supporting both traditional and non-traditional uses of SPC. Attribute control chart types include:

  • P and NP
  • C and U
  • Group charts for combining
    • Tests
    • Parts
    • Processes
  • PPT (Defective Parts Per Thousand)
  • PPM (Defective Parts Per Million)
  • DPMO (Defective Parts Per Million Opportunities)
  • DPTO (Defective Parts Per Thousand Opportunities)
  • EWMA (Exponentially Weighted Moving Average)
  • Wandering Mean
  • CUSUM (Cumulative Sum)
  • Standardized (Short-Run Transformation)

Variable Control Charts

ProFicient offers standard Shewhart control chart options such as:

  • IX-MR
  • XBar-Range
  • XBar-S

The software also offers variations on these chart types such as Median, Moving Average and even Pre-Control which can be combined with either Range, Standard Deviation or %CV charts.


To arm users with maximum flexibility, each of the chart types above can be processed in a variety of different ways. Processing options include:

  • Deviation from Nominal
  • Deviation from Target
  • Deviation from Process Mean
  • Short Run normalization
  • Standardized (for plotting Z-values)
  • Group charts for combining
    • Tests
    • Parts
    • Processes
  • EWMA
  • EWMA with Wandering Mean
  • 3D

Comparative Analysis and Management Reports

ProFicient's Multi-tier Pareto and Box & Whisker charts provide extensive comparative analyses and allow users to sort, slice and dice data in millions of ways. By using readily available production data, users don't need to invest in expensive off-line studies or additional statistical software.

  • Multi-Level Pareto Analysis
  • Multi-Level Box & Whisker Plots
  • Capability Analysis
  • Cpk and Ppk Reporting
  • SPC Monitoring
  • Trend Charts
  • Scatter Plots
  • True Position Charts
  • Q-Q Plots
  • Normal Probability Plots
  • Autocorrelation Analysis
  • Lot Status Reports
  • Component Lot Reports
  • Acceptance Sampling Reports
  • Process Event Reports
  • Sampling Compliance Report

In addition to manually exporting charts as HTML documents, ProFicient can be scheduled for automatic HTML chart publishing to user-defined locations (typically on a company's Intranet server or on a desired Internet site). This feature allows access to InfinityQS charts, graphs and reports without requiring ProFicient to be installed on users’ computers.

Web Publishing also automatically displays time-specific data based on projects that have been configured. For example, you could have a quarterly quality meeting report that summarizes all data for the previous quarter that publishes on the first day of each quarter. Likewise, a daily report project might be scheduled to automatically publish all charts and graphs each morning at 6:00 A.M.


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