Collect data from virtually any source.

Data Automation

At InfinityQS, we understand that each manufacturing environment has its own needs in terms of data collection and management. Manual, automatic, and hands-free data entry with built-in support for any gage means real-time data entry is simple, even for users with little or no computer experience.

Your organization may have shop floor operators who need to manually enter data. Or data might need to be collected from multiple data streams or from various gaging devices. Regardless of your data collection requirements, ProFicient has the ability to collect and analyze data automatically, even in a “lights-out” environment requiring no human interaction.

Data Management System (DMS) and Data Collection Service (DCS)

Used together, the Data Management System (DMS) and Data Collection Services (DCS) are ProFicient’s primary tools for automating data collection. DMS and DCS are services which extend the reach of ProFicient’s powerful analytical capabilities across the enterprise, simplifying data collection activities and allowing simultaneous, automatic sampling from multiple data streams. But the DMS and DCS services are more than just data stream samplers. 

With DMS and DCS, data segregation is no longer an issue. Critical information such as Tag fields and data values from separate, unrelated systems can be seamlessly combined into ProFicient subgroups. The result is that DMS/DCS allows companies to integrate and combine data from traditionally unrelated data sources. 
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Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Like DMS/DCS, InfinityQS’ Data Acquisition System (DAS) can automatically sample data from many different data sources. DAS supports communications with products such as Wonderware and GE Proficy MES systems, OSI Pi historian, OPC servers, and Coordinate Measuring Machines such as Zeiss UMESS and PC-DMIS CMMs. 

So how are DMS/DCS and DAS different? There are two distinct differences:

  1. DAS is an application. As such, DAS requires that a user be logged into the system in order to run. DMS/DCS are services which can run without requiring a user log in. 
  2. DMS/DCS supports the integration of data from separate data sources whereas DAS does not. 
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