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Dynamic Scheduler

InfinityQS’ real-time Dynamic Scheduler provides operators with a shop-floor checklist for scheduled quality checks. Large windows automatically pop-up reminding users when data collection is needed. An easy-to-read schedule shows the operators a time-ordered list of the day’s required checks. Each check is accompanied by a countdown clock; the operator always knows how much time remains until the next check is due - no more watching a clock or forgetting to collect data. Instead, Dynamic Scheduler takes the guesswork out of monitoring quality checks and automatically notifies key personnel if data collection is not performed.

Not only will you be able to meet the new FDA guidelines that were just passed into law in 2011, but now all of your HACCP and SSOP checks can be done electronically, saving time and thousands of dollars in saved paper costs. Learn more about the benefits of Dynamic Scheduler on our compliance page. 

How it Works

Dynamic Scheduler not only reminds operators about upcoming quality checks, but it also dynamically adjusts data collection requirements based on changes in the process state (i.e., Scheduled or Unscheduled Downtime, Machine Idle, Shift Start, etc.). For example, if a data value falls out of specification, Dynamic Scheduler can automatically ask for a re-check, force users to validate the information, and even send data collection tasks to other workstations in the ProFicient system. Dynamic Scheduler can be configured to require any type of data collection. Whether on the shop floor, in laboratories, at receiving inspection or at dedicated inspection stations, Dynamic Scheduler remembers when data must be gathered. In addition to product-specific checks, scheduled data collections might include safety checks, setup checks, compliance confirmations, start-of-run checks, machine verifications and others. Regardless of your data collection requirements, Dynamic Scheduler automates data collection reminders and guides users through the required checks when they are needed.

HACCP & SSOP Compliance

Dynamic Scheduler allows food and beverage manufacturers to comply with the testing requirements of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) and a wide range of internal, industry, and government regulations such as those identified by FSIS, USDA, FDA, HHS and others.


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