ProFicient Platform Overview

InfinityQS’ proven enterprise quality hub, ProFicient—powered by a centralized SPC engine—delivers manufacturing intelligence to improve quality, decrease costs and help global manufacturers make strategic business decisions.

Collect and integrate data from virtually any source

Collect from data sources such as electronic gages, TCP/IP and PLC data streams, CMMs, file generation devices, and link with other software products commonly found on the manufacturing floor such as MES, ERP, etc…

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Provide real-time monitoring of quality data

Get real-time visibility of quality data via ProFicient charts and dashboards. Enable staff to stay in front of any quality-related problems for more timely and less costly corrective actions.

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Automate event tracking, information sharing and reminders 

As data streams into ProFicient, ensure your team takes action at the right time and that critical information gets communicated to appropriate individuals. Complete traceability and accountability occurs with reminders, timers and alerts.

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Gain better visibility and improve decision-making

Generate and distribute reports ‘on-the-fly’ or based on a schedule to provide the manufacturing intelligence needed to ensure process control, to meet Lean or Six Sigma requirements and to continually improve quality.

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Implement and manage the SPC software database easily

Unify all of your quality data into a single, easily maintained quality hub. Centralize information from across your plant, region and even suppliers.

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Join the thousands of companies that are using ProFicient to save time and money through systematic improvements in quality. We’re confident that our enterprise quality hub will provide the manufacturing intelligence needed to help your company Take Control of quality management. Try it free for 30 days!


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