Real-time Visibility and Manufacturing Intelligence

ProFicient 5.1 – What’s New

ProFicient 5.1 builds on the foundation of the leading real-time quality and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) platform to heighten visibility across the enterprise with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) dashboards within the web-based analytics portal, ProFicient Insight.

The new OEE dashboards display a consistent, summary performance metric for executive-level management to monitor and improve manufacturing processes across the enterprise. Drill-down capabilities summarize Manufacturing Intelligence data and provide actionable insights to help focus and prioritize both manufacturing process and quality improvement efforts.

Benefits of ProFicient 5.1 OEE Dashboards

  • Monitor current OEE performance metrics and monthly trend OEE summaries that span global organizations anytime from anywhere to improve manufacturing processes.
  • Determine a strategy to focus improvement efforts with filtered dashboards that compare metrics for plants, production lines or shifts.
  • Understand how OEE components—Availability, Performance and Quality—relate using accurate data from the unified data repository and share best practices with underperforming operators.
  • Identify specific sources of production issues with the OEE actionable indicators and drill-down metrics that summarize real-time Manufacturing Intelligence data.

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