Christopher Kearsley

Christopher Kearsley

Executive Vice President & CTO

Chris has worked in the manufacturing industry, specifically in quality control and test engineering, for his entire professional career. His electronics degree led him to Reedholm Instruments, a semiconductor test equipment manufacturer. His career path progressed from electronic technician to client technical services and training roles. Chris found his passion for software engineering while enhancing the equipment’s internal diagnostic systems. He then became a test engineer at Hughes Aircraft Company’s Advanced Circuit Technology Center, where he met Mike Lyle. Together they developed custom PC-based test equipment and software applications for the quality control department.

In 1989, Mike and Chris started InfinityQS International. Their combined skills and strengths in manufacturing and business paved the way to the year-over-year success that InfinityQS International continues to realize today. Chris attributes the organization’s success to their continued commitment to acquiring strong partners and associates and ensuring retention of long-term, loyal clients.

Today, Chris is the Executive Vice President and CTO. He directly manages Software Development in the Seattle area. In his role, he is also very engaged with all technology-related aspects of the business, including IT, Technical Services, Technical Support, Technical Sales, and more.

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