Michael A. Lyle

Michael A. Lyle

President and CEO

Mike Lyle founded InfinityQS® International in 1989 with Chris Kearsley when they identified the need for an automated tool to analyze quality data. After developing the initial analysis package for a specific client with an abundance of raw measurement data, they incorporated statistics and SPC methodology into the application. The tool's ability to perform automated SPC in an open environment became InfinityQS's key product.

As president and CEO, Mike is responsible for guiding the overall direction of the company. His leadership and vision for InfinityQS are the foundation for the company's success and rapid growth. Mike's adherence to a customer-driven development approach has ensured that InfinityQS products continue to address the growing, complex needs of the manufacturing industry.

Prior to InfinityQS, Mike worked for Hughes Aircraft Company's Advanced Circuit Technology Center, where he designed a series of PC-based automated test systems and high-speed specialized test equipment. These systems and equipment allowed for data acquisition and analysis for high-speed integrated circuits. He also worked for Humanoid Systems where he developed an automated test system for certifying anthropomorphic crash test dummies. 

Supply & Demand Chain Executive named Mike a Pro to Know in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 for his thought leadership and innovation in multi-tier quality control.

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