Ball Corporation, Global Food and Beverage Packaging Leader, Selects InfinityQS as SPC Standard

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

Enhanced Version of the 2004 InfinityQS SPC Suite Offers Real-Time Images, and Faster Access to More Detailed Data from the Shop Floor

Chantilly, VA - March 22, 2005 - InfinityQS® International, the premier provider of enterprise-wide quality control software solutions for manufacturers, announced today that Ball Corporation, one of the world's leading suppliers of metal and plastic packaging to the beverage and food industries, has installed InfinityQS SPC software in over 20 plants throughout North America.

InfinityQS SPC software is the standard for managing quality and statistical process control in the metal containers division of Ball Corporation. Ball Corporation uses the software to improve quality, reduce spoilage, control material costs and material usage, and track energy consumption. The company also has plans to continue implementing InfinityQS SPC at other manufacturing plants within the food and plastics division.

As reported in The CanMaker, a leading manufacturing magazine, InfinityQS SPC software provides Ball Corporation the ability to proactively detect any potential quality issue before it becomes a problem. Ball Corporation has stated that InfinityQS SPC software is their chief ally in the search for manufacturing perfection.

"Ball is recognized around the world for its high-quality metal and PET plastic food and beverage containers. Our continued long term relationship with this highly recognized leader in the packaging industry further solidifies our presence in that industry," said Michael A. Lyle, president of InfinityQS. "Our success has been largely dependant upon our ability to help our customers succeed in what they do best - produce high-quality products."

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