InfinityQS International Releases Checkweigher Data Collector™

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

Innovative Data Collection Software Collects, Analyzes, and Summarizes Product Weighing Data in Real-Time; Saving Manufacturers Money by Reducing Waste and Avoiding Fines

Chantilly, VA - February 17, 2005 - InfinityQS® International, the premier provider of enterprise-wide quality control software solutions for manufacturers, announced today that it has unveiled the InfinityQS CheckWeigher Data Collector. The new software driver has the ability to collect, analyze and summarize data from high-speed checkweighers, used by manufacturers to determine product weight accuracy.

The InfinityQS CheckWeigher Data Collector samples and analyses each weight reading in real-time and performs extended calculations to generate over 25 performance indicators vital to the success of the manufacturing process. When coupled with InfinityQS' Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, InfinityQS CheckWeigher Data Collector provides manufacturers with key information to optimize their processes, reduce waste, and maximize their profits.

"The analysis of high speed checkweigher data can provide manufacturers with information indispensable to the success of their manufacturing processes and bottom line," said Michael A. Lyle, president of InfinityQS. "However, high speed checkweighers can generate a staggering amount of data creating significant problems for data storage, retention and retrieval. The InfinityQS CheckWeigher Data Collector solves these problems and provides the manufacturer with the crucial information necessary to minimize waste and maximize profitability. Closely controlling the amount of product giveaway without failing to meet minimum requirements can save manufacturers millions of dollars each year."

Prior to its release, InfinityQS CheckWeigher Data Collector went through an extensive beta testing cycle at several Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies. These companies provided real world test platforms and requirements leading to the development of a superior checkweigher data collection tool. The results of these efforts are easily demonstrated in the rich functionality and analytical capabilities of the InfinityQS CheckWeigher Data Collector.

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