InfinityQS Announces ProFicient

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

New Version of Industry-Leading Statistical Process Control Software

Chantilly, VA - March 21, 2006 - InfinityQS® International, the leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software, today announced the launch of ProFicient ™ software. Formerly known as "SPC Quality Suite," ProFicient is the next generation of InfinityQS' SPC software. Advancing the features and functionality of the previous version, ProFicient is upgraded with powerful new enhancements for security, data collection and performance. Automating data collection and analysis on the plant floor, ProFicient gives quality professionals and plant managers real-time decision-making tools to improve their manufacturing processes before defects occur—ultimately driving down the cost of scrap and rework.

"We've had years of success with InfinityQS software as a key component to our quality assurance programs," said Jerold Schlegel, in corporate Quality Assurance/SPC at Rich Products, a major food manufacturer. "We are excited about the upgrade to this new version, and we anticipate that the enhancements will help us run our plants even more efficiently and increase our data security even further."

The new release includes increased support for international languages and numbers, making it easier for global manufacturers' systems to integrate with the software, regardless of geography. ProFicient also supports the ANSI/ISA 95 requirements for enterprise control and system integration as they relate to Equipment Hierarchy. Enhanced database security features, such as hierarchical access control, prevent data access and corruption by unauthorized parties.

New job management features allow users to associate resources with job numbers and reduce the number of tag selections during data collection for greater organization and efficiency. Data acquisition upgrades include drivers for integration with WonderWare™, Cimplicity, various types of Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) and access to most OLE for Process Control (OPC) servers. The new Rolling Archive database feature enhances performance without limiting users' ability to view and analyze historic data.

"We have taken a world class product and made it even better. Using feedback from our global customer base, we have enhanced features and increased functionality to meet the demands of manufacturing quality professionals from the plant floor to the boardroom," said Michael Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS. "ProFicient provides superior data and analysis tools embedded in a seamless, scalable solution making it the preferred SPC software for manufacturers of all sizes. The new name reflects the software's process-oriented, professional approach to quality control, its role in creating an efficient manufacturing environment and its proficiency with statistical analysis and data sorting."

ProFicient is easy to integrate and implement into any manufacturing environment. A single setup supports hundreds or even thousands of parts and machine tools, simplifying deployment and system management. The system boasts a user-friendly interface customizable for user-specific interfaces and company-specific terminology while enabling maximum functionality across the enterprise. Simple data acquisition allows for manual, automatic and hands-free data entry with built-in support, and the one hundred percent Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant software runs on any ODBC compliant database with capacity for storage of billions of records in any category.

Further, ProFicient offers a comprehensive selection of advanced charting tools with more than 300 different control charts. Sophisticated comparative analysis tools include multi-tier Pareto and Box & Whisker charts, as well as q-q plots, scatter plots, trend analysis and capability reports. The software also features process event handling and notification with automated alarm notification. ProFicient provides full support for the Food and Drug Administration's 21 Code of Federal Regulations part 11 requirements, including password aging, recycling, lockouts, length and encryption.

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