InfinityQS Establishes User's Group

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

Chantilly, VA - November 2, 2006 - InfinityQS® International, the leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software, today announced the formation of the InfinityQS User Group (IQSUG). The IQSUG will provide InfinityQS' rapidly expanding network of global customers and business partners with a forum to regularly exchange ideas, information, best practices, and strategies that will assist them in optimizing the management, understanding, and control of their companies' quality initiatives.

With over 1,000 licenses of InfinityQS SPC software in our facilities worldwide, having a forum in which to interact with other users is extremely helpful in learning how to maximize our investment in this technology," said Jim Knappmiller, systems administrator at Ball Corporation and chairman of the user group. "Having the opportunity to share industry best practices with other quality control professionals and to provide feedback to InfinityQS executives regarding product enhancements and services will be extremely beneficial to both the software provider and its customers."

The IQSUG will be self-managed by a membership drawn from InfinityQS users with participation from InfinityQS liaisons. The initial group of users elected Jim Knappmiller of Ball Corporation as the chairman and Curt Gendler, senior validation engineer at Alcon Manufacturing, LTD, as the vice chairman. Upon the formation of the group, the founding members established a charter to provide the guidelines for its ongoing operation.

"The formation of the InfinityQS User Group is an important next step in fulfilling our commitment to exceptional solution outcomes for our clients and partners," said Michael A. Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS International. "We're a customer-focused organization and the true measure of our success is how we help our clients achieve measurable results and improve the quality of their products."

The group is currently planning the first InfinityQS User Conference to occur in Washington, DC in June 2007. This conference will feature presentations from various InfinityQS customers and discussion forums moderated by the IQSUG.

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