InfinityQS Releases SAP Utility

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

Chantilly, VA - November 15, 2007 - InfinityQS® International, the leading provider of real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, today announced the release of its SAP Integration Tool. This tool is part of InfinityQS' development strategy to bridge the gap between SAP and InfinityQS' real-time production floor data collection and analysis software. This new utility makes SAP data available to InfinityQS' ProFicient™ software for real-time quality control on the production floor.

The SAP framework integrates manufacturing with other critical operations, allowing businesses to rapidly respond to changing customer requirements or industry innovations. While SAP provides a comprehensive range of enterprise software applications and business solutions, the company looks for partners to enhance its product offerings.

"SAP is able to be brought down to the shop floor within the four walls but not terribly well developed for particular industries and are to be complimented by partner solutions," said Steven Cloughley, SAP's senior director of manufacturing solutions management, during a recent IndustryWeek Web conference. "Partner solutions provide [quality control] functions to a level of detail greater than what we achieve at an ERP level."

InfinityQS' SAP Import Utility dissolves the levels of disconnect that currently exist between SAP and the shop floor, delivering greater visibility to InfinityQS customers. Along with part and test data, the upper and lower engineering limits and plausibility limits may be imported from SAP inspection characteristics and stored in ProFicient as enhanced specification limits. The utility also allows users to filter the specific data values it acquires from SAP R/3. From there, operators can quickly and easily add real-time quality data using ProFicient's proven production floor interface.

"ERP doesn't answer all of manufacturers' needs," said Simon Jacobson, senior research analyst for AMR Research. "ERP has a very complex interface for manufacturing staff—it takes too long to customize and implement in a manufacturing environment, especially when there's a high turnover. We encourage businesses to explore an enterprise architecture that has an ERP system augmented with a manufacturing specific capability."

InfinityQS recognized the opportunity to integrate its real-time quality control software with the SAP framework to create a complete system that extends to the shop floor. The creation of this utility, along with the plan to become an SAP Netweaver certified partner in 2008, demonstrates InfinityQS' commitment to helping manufacturers address quality throughout the enterprise.

"InfinityQS excels on the production floor where real-time quality control is critical to controlling and reducing the costs associated to product quality," said Michael A. Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS. "Our 20 years of experience in providing quality control solutions to the manufacturing production environment perfectly complements SAP's expertise."

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