Quickie Manufacturing Manages Supplier Quality with eSPC

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

Chantilly, VA - April 10, 2007 - InfinityQS® International, the leading provider of statistical process control (SPC) software, today announced that Quickie Manufacturing has selected InfinityQS' eSPC to manage the quality of materials from its global supply network. Quickie, the largest North American provider of retail household cleaning tools and related products, is using the solution to ensure global standardization throughout its supplier base.

With eSPC, Quickie collects its suppliers' quality data directly from the shop floor into a centralized database. The system applies proven statistical methods for quality control to this data for comprehensive, real-time analysis. eSPC detects quality issues during production and sends instant alarms to key personnel so that they can address these issues before defects are produced. This solution is the next generation of InfinityQS' shop-floor SPC software that is currently installed in over 2,000 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

"We needed a system that we could quickly deploy throughout our global supply chain—one that was Web-based—so that all of our suppliers could access it immediately," said Dan Romano, director of engineering for Quickie Manufacturing. "eSPC was implemented in a matter of weeks, and it now allows us to better communicate specifications and requirements to our suppliers, while giving us a real-time view of how their materials are meeting those specifications."

Quickie has implemented eSPC with its suppliers throughout the U.S. and worldwide to enable the real-time sharing of quality data. Quickie's goal is to improve supply chain communication, quality and performance, and the company plans to implement the solution with more of its suppliers throughout the remainder of 2007.

"By accessing these quality records in real-time, we expect to dramatically reduce the risk of receiving defective lots," said Romano. "We plan to use this information to reduce the costs of managing poor performing suppliers."

Because all data is written to one secure database, Quickie has instantaneous access to lot quality, supplier-to-supplier comparisons, lot-to-lot comparisons, and lot verification. Suppliers cannot view each other's data because of the "container" technology that eSPC employs, which puts each supplier's data into its own bucket within the database for security purposes. Quickie's suppliers benefit from using the solution because it provides them with the tools to improve their manufacturing processes in real-time—reducing scrap and rework and producing products that meet requirements.

"As manufacturers become more and more reliant on their global supply networks, a solution like eSPC for real-time supply chain quality management is becoming imperative," said Michael Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS International. "Quickie can now analyze the nature of quality issues with more precision and work more effectively with their suppliers to resolve them."


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