InfinityQS Adds "Lights-out" Functionality to eSPC Enterprise Quality System

New Data Management System automates real-time quality control across value chain.

Chantilly, VA - September 3, 2009 - InfinityQS® is broadening the spectrum of data sources available for eSPC quality analysis. The manufacturing quality control software leader recently released a new eSPC Data Management System (DMS) for the Software as a Service (SaaS) supply chain management system. The eSPC DMS automatically acquires data from a variety of sources, including MES, ERP and automatic test equipment, for real-time statistical and quality analysis.

eSPC operates as a central quality hub that gives users a single-point view of manufacturing process capabilities throughout the value chain, from supplier to finished product. The system identifies potential quality issues and sends real-time situational alarms. The alarms prompt users to perform corrective actions in order to prevent costs associated with the manufacturing and shipping of defective products. As a SaaS solution, eSPC uses a service on demand subscription model that can be quickly implemented and carries a minimal IT infrastructure investment.

DMS expands the number of different data sources that eSPC users are able to view and analyze in real-time. The new system automates data collection from multiple sources including GE Fanuc iHistorian, OLE DB, Invensys Wonderware Live, OPC, AQDEF, ASCII files, serial devices, Ethernet devices, InfinityQS multiplexers and other RS-232 devices. A toolkit is also available to allow customers to extend automated data collection to unique platforms.

"InfinityQS continues to identify new and innovative ways to give our customers confidence in incoming product quality from the supply chain," said Michael A. Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS International. "DMS enhances visibility into supply chain process quality by providing a higher level of integration than any other product on the market. This tool is unique because it allows manufacturers to combine and analyze data from multiple sources in a single subgroup, giving companies vital quality intelligence to minimize risk, maximize efficiency and maintain quality control."

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