Supply & Demand Chain Executive Names InfinityQS in Annual List of 100 Innovative Supply Chain Vendors

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

New York - July 8, 2009 - Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine named InfinityQS to the eighth annual Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 list. InfinityQS received the award as recognition for delivering supply chain visibility to companies with its Web-based quality control solution, eSPC®.

eSPC allows suppliers and customers to collaborate on manufacturing quality issues as they occur in real-time on the production floor. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, eSPC allows for instantaneous data sharing, which saves companies resources and eliminates the delays associated with manually generated supplier quality reporting. Using this system, both suppliers and customers are reducing costs and mitigating the risks associated with quality failures.

InfinityQS clients are leveraging eSPC's collaborative quality intelligence as they work with their suppliers to enhance the consistency and quality of their products. When a manufacturing problem arises on the shop floor, eSPC sends out a real-time alert that allows both the supplier and customer to analyze the issue together and determine the best course of action. By collaborating in real-time, customers and suppliers are reducing manufacturing costs, improving product quality and enhancing the performance of the supply chain.

"A supply chain is a constantly evolving organization comprised of many interdependent parts," said Michael A. Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS. "When each part is performing optimally, the entire system prospers. However, the failure of just one of those parts will compromise the entire system."

Lyle attributes this award to InfinityQS' customers. "Our clients have leveraged the unique capabilities of eSPC to build strong partnerships with their suppliers, ensuring the quality of their products and the success of their entire supply chain."

Eight years ago, Supply & Demand Chain Executive announced its first "100" list of supply chain solution providers, consultants and other organizations that were helping lead the way in transforming companies' supply and demand chains. This year the magazine focused the criteria for its "100" feature on economic recovery.

"Our readers turn to Supply & Demand Chain Executive to learn about solutions and best practices for enabling the supply chain to weather the current economic storm in which we find ourselves, and also to position themselves for growth when recovery takes hold," explained Andrew K. Reese, editor of Supply & Demand Chain Executive. "The corporate executives and line-of-business leaders who rely on the magazine want to know what the different supply chain solution and service providers are doing to help them meet these critical, corporate 'life-or-death' challenges."

Supply & Demand Chain Executive has identified leading providers of supply chain services and technologies who are helping their customers and clients both respond to the downturn and, more importantly, position themselves for growth ahead. Based on submissions to the "100" from end users and solution providers, the judging committee for the "100," including the editorial staff of the magazine, in conjunction with the editorial advisory board, has compiled a list of leading supply and demand chain innovators.

"Our goal with this year's '100' is to highlight a broad range of solutions and services targeted at a variety of industries, addressing the needs of companies of varying sizes, and assisting in the transformation of a diverse mix of the functions that make up the supply chain," added Reese.

After receiving nomination forms, the Supply & Demand Chain Executive judging committee culled through them to find the applicants that best fit the above criteria. Final recipients are featured in the cover story of the June/July 2009 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive, as well as online at


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