InfinityQS Focuses on Recall Prevention

Elizabeth Goldman
InfinityQS International

Quality control company is educating manufacturers on the safety, financial and reputation risks associated with recalls

Chantilly, VA - January 27, 2010 - InfinityQS® International, the leading provider of real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, is leveraging its 20 years of experience on manufacturing shop floors to educate companies on the risks and repercussions of product recalls. With a more stringent focus on supply chain quality and a closer watch on internal manufacturing processes, companies can decrease their chances of product recalls.

Rick Sloop, senior application engineer and technical services coordinator at InfinityQS, recently penned an article titled "Recalls on the Rise" in a leading British publication on medical device manufacturing. In the article, Sloop shares some alarming data on the recent increase in recalls and explains how SPC gives manufacturers the knowledge to build quality into products and mitigate the risks associated with product recalls.

"An application of SPC not only stabilizes the process by allowing it to perform on target at its capability, but it also highlights assignable cause variation, which may be eliminated to improve the process," said Sloop. "Using SPC will dramatically reduce variation within the process, leading to less waste and rework. Productivity is greatly improved since decisions are made in real time on the shop floor instead of after the production has been completed. Another benefit is that the charting of key characteristics will also uncover hidden process personalities, which often point to machine abnormalities, issues with raw materials, or even operator training."

Recent recalls of leading brands, including Toyota, Radio Shack and Acer, have increased media coverage on the risk of recalls and left the manufacturers scrambling to counter the negative attention caused by the recalls.

A full copy of Rick Sloop's article can be viewed at Medical Device Network or at

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