InfinityQS Launches Hosted Applications for Manufacturing Quality Control

Ed Van Rens
InfinityQS International

New Delivery Model Provides Enterprise-Wide Access to ProFicient™ SPC Software as well as Monitoring and Scheduling Tools.

Chantilly, VA - October 29, 2010 - InfinityQS International Inc., the leading provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, released a hosted software package that provides a centralized quality system for manufacturers. The package includes the industry leading SPC application, ProFicient, as well as the supporting software tools, Dynamic Scheduler, Quality Monitor, and Net Process Monitor. This fully-hosted software offering, ProFicient "on demand," is an alternative to the client-server version of ProFicient SPC.

The on-demand version expands manufacturers' ability to leverage the full functionality of ProFicient without the cost of dedicating resources to maintaining an internal IT infrastructure. The hosted delivery model creates a central quality hub for real-time SPC from the shop floor as well as comparative analysis across lines, sites and suppliers.

The other applications - Dynamic Scheduler, Quality Monitor, and Net Process Monitor - are included to provide manufacturers with added workflow capabilities and visibility into real-time quality performance.

  • Dynamic Scheduler ensures 100% compliance by prompting operators to upcoming scheduled quality checks and allows users to implement a dynamic sampling workflow. If a quality check is missed or reveals process irregularities, the system adjusts workflow requirements in conjunction with changes in the process state (i.e. Idle, Down, Normal, Heightened, or other) and notifies relevant parties.
  • Quality Monitor provides a configuration-free view of key manufacturing characteristics. This snapshot gives production floor supervisors and quality managers a single view for monitoring quality control characteristics associated to a particular part, data collection station, manufacturing process, or an entire enterprise.
  • Net Process Monitor provides a dashboard for manufacturers to visualize how each process is performing in real-time. This application provides instant access to alarms, assignable action codes, and raw data as information is entered throughout the shop floor.

"This new delivery model will help manufacturers reduce the IT costs associated with an in-house quality system," said Michael A. Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS. "With a rapid implementation timeframe, manufacturers will see an immediate ROI and quickly gain all of the benefits of real-time SPC."

As part of the product release, InfinityQS is introducing a program for current ProFicient users who would like to move to the new SaaS model. For more details contact InfinityQS at 1.800.772.7978 or visit the company's website,

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