InfinityQS Announces Availability of ProFicient on Demand Quality Solution for Manufacturers

Ed Van Rens
InfinityQS International

ProFicient on Demand extends full functionality of local, server-based product throughout the supply chain, incorporating remote locations and suppliers into global quality programs

Chantilly, VA - June 6, 2011 - InfinityQS International, the leading provider of real-time quality control software solutions, today formally announced the commercial availability of its ProFicient on Demand solution. The new, web-based version of the company's flagship product, ProFicient, will extend the same first-class capabilities and functionality to remote factories, suppliers, testing facilities and engineering partners. ProFicient on Demand can be instantly accessed via the Internet and eliminates the need for costly hardware, IT support, ongoing maintenance fees and expensive upgrades.

With the availability of vast amounts of quantifiable data, leading manufacturers are extending their definition of quality beyond product attributes. They are incorporating customer satisfaction criteria along with various regulatory requirements and the traceability needed to meet audit and recall objectives. ProFicient on Demand is enabling companies to establish global quality programs that include shared supply chain partner metrics focused on:

  • Improving quality control by preventing defects before they happen
  • Reducing the cost of quality by minimizing scrap and rework
  • Preventing recalls by providing real-time visibility into internal and supplier quality data
  • Working collaboratively to mitigate risks and minimize costs

Michael A. Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS, said, "This Internet-based version of ProFicient gives our customers unprecedented flexibility, enabling them to synchronize quality goals across the supply chain. They can now extend quality programs beyond manufacturing to include their suppliers, customers and partners. With these increased capabilities, InfinityQS customers can better protect their corporate brand, reduce the risk of product recall, and improve supplier collaboration while decreasing the overall cost of quality."

Like the local, server-based version, ProFicient on Demand closely monitors production and testing processes in real-time, builds a global quality database and enables users to analyze quality results with an available library of more than 300 statistical process control (SPC) reports. Product capabilities include the ability to:

  • Monitor processes in real-time, collect results and investigate anomalies
  • Issue alerts for out-of-spec process results, trends and downtimes
  • Take corrective action immediately before products become defective
  • Provide visibility of data from any source, including control equipment
  • Provide visibility of data across manufacturing, suppliers and partners
  • Access the system directly from remote devices and smart phones
  • Enable supplier product acceptance sampling prior to arrival
  • Meet audit needs with full traceability across the supply chain
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements and customer reporting requirements

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for ProFicient on Demand starts at $100 per user for five users. To review the product in more detail, register for a webinar on ProFicient or visit

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