InfinityQS Releases ProFicient 4.4 to Drive Quality Aspects of OEE Programs

Ed Van Rens
InfinityQS International

ProFicient 4.4 provides enhanced control and visibility over manufacturing processes with real-time predictive analysis based on quality results. New functionally enables rapid response to process deviations, allowing manufacturers to enforce global quality standards throughout manufacturing and the supply chain.

Chantilly, VA - August 11, 2011 - InfinityQS International, the leading provider of real-time quality control solutions, today announced the release of ProFicient 4.4, the latest upgrade to its Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. The new version includes enhancements to allow manufacturers to further support the quality aspects of OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) programs, as well as the quantitative aspects regarding process efficiencies. The new functionality analyzes machine utilization and provides actionable information that engineers and operators can use to make real-time decisions.

ProFicient 4.4 also enables manufacturers to identify small shifts in processes with new statistical functionality and comparative analyses.

Specific enhancements to ProFicient 4.4 include:

Process State Chart: A critical component of OEE programs, process utilization can be monitored and analyzed with ProFicient 4.4. The new functionality allows users to identify areas where processes are underutilized and take corrective actions to reduce downtime, optimize maintenance schedules, and address other areas for improvement. Users can compare process utilization at the process level, by area, department, site and throughout the corporate hierarchy.

Six-way Pareto and Box & Whisker Analysis: InfinityQS is the only SPC software provider to offer Six-level Pareto and Box & Whisker analysis. Manufacturers can compare detailed quality test results across all plants, within a single plant, by a production line, shift to shift, across production work orders, and in a multitude of other ways. This depth of visibility allows manufacturers to set global quality standards and monitor them at all levels.

Tabular CUSUM (Cumulative Summation) Chart: This new chart offers greater sensitivity to changes in the process mean when compared with standard control charts. It identifies small shifts in process means which can have a significant impact on product quality. This predictive analysis tool allows users to rapidly respond to process deviations and maintain greater control over product quality.

Confidence Interval: This new feature is particularly valuable to manufacturers requiring control limits based on sigma levels different than +/- 3. Users can quickly and easily specify their own sigma level to use for the control limits or set the limits to accommodate a set confidence band.

InfinityQS will be hosting a webinar on Aug. 24 to demonstrate the new enhancements. Doug Fair, InfinityQS' vice president of statistical applications and six sigma black belt, will be hosting the webinar. Registration is available on the company's website.

Michael A. Lyle, president and CEO of InfinityQS, said, "ProFicient 4.4 gives our customers more of what they want: sophisticated statistical reporting that can be tailored to their specific manufacturing environments. Knowing that a single quality issue can shatter public trust in a brand, our customers sleep well at night knowing that they have systems in place to keep production on target."

Users with an active Annual Maintenance Agreement (AMA) can upgrade to ProFicient 4.4 for free by contacting InfinityQS technical support at 1.877.882.7978 or emailing

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