InfinityQS Technical Services Manager to Speak at 2011 Quality Conference

Rick Sloop, InfinityQS’ technical services manager, delivers a presentation on the importance of a real-time Statistical Process Control system.


Chantilly, Va. - April 11, 2011 - InfinityQS International, the leading provider of real-time quality control software solutions, today announced that Rick Sloop, Technical Services Manager, will deliver a presentation at the Quality Conference in Charlotte, NC, on April 11-13. The three-day conference will focus on topics relating to testing, inspection, and measurement and will feature presentations and workshops by some of the manufacturing industry’s most noted professionals.T

he presentation, titled “Would Statistical Process Control Work for Me,” will explain Statistical Process Control (SPC) in simple, everyday terms, and show how it can be used to improve manufacturing processes. Understanding process capabilities and being able to proactively detect statistical anomalies is a key factor in preventing defects and reducing scrap and rework on the manufacturing shop floor.

As industry regulations grow stricter and budgets get smaller, recalls, waste, and inefficiencies become even more damaging. Attendees looking for a better understanding of SPC, along with those who are already familiar with how it works, will gain valuable insight into what is required to successfully implement a real-time Statistical Process Control system.

“An SPC software system is a valuable tool, and if properly implemented, it can improve almost any manufacturing process—saving the company both time and money,” said Sloop. “My presentation will demonstrate the benefits of a real-time SPC system and show how it’s a viable option for companies looking to reduce waste and improve quality.”The presentation is scheduled for 4:15 – 5:00pm on April 12. More information about the Quality Conference can be found at their website,

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