InfinityQS Receives 93-Percent Customer Satisfaction Rating

Customer survey results are indicative of company’s commitment to client success and ability to help global manufacturers improve processes, reduce costs, and make better business decisions

FAIRFAX, Va. – February 10, 2016 – InfinityQS International, Inc., the global authority on real-time quality and Manufacturing Intelligence, announces that it has received a 93-percent customer satisfaction rating, as revealed in a recent customer survey distributed to 20,000 client contacts across the globe. This high customer satisfaction rate is indicative of the company’s ongoing commitment to client success and the vital role its enterprise quality management software, ProFicient, plays in helping manufacturers improve processes, increase product quality, reduce costs, and make better business decisions.

As InfinityQS delivers advanced quality management solutions, the company provides services and support to help customers get the most out of their system and quickly generate a return on investment (ROI). Backed by an expert staff of certified quality engineers, industrial statisticians, and Six Sigma Black Belts, InfinityQS’ training courses, on-site assessments, RapidStart deployment options, validation assistance, technical support, and other professional services continue to drive customer satisfaction and deliver results. In addition, the company sources client feedback to continuously improve its software and best-meet customers’ changing business needs.

Michael Lyle, president and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “For more than 25 years, InfinityQS has consistently delivered the technology, tools, knowledge, and support to help our clients succeed. As more manufacturers understand that quality is the key to increasing market share and remaining competitive, we’ve been able to provide solutions for not only improving supply chain-wide quality, but also for establishing greater trust among consumers and enhancing the bottom line. ”

InfinityQS helps many of today’s leading global manufacturers address their most pressing business needs. According to survey responses, the following are the top ways that InfinityQS customers are using ProFicient:

- Process/product quality improvement: ProFicient allows manufacturers to monitor and collect quality data in real time, giving them the ability to make instantaneous process adjustments, correct out-of-spec products, and identify areas for improvement.

A quality manager for a global food manufacturer said, “Our eight plants are in the process of using InfinityQS ProFicient for quality control. We are simplifying, streamlining, and standardizing processes for all facilities."

- Reduce costs by decreasing scrap, rework and giveaway: ProFicient collects data and stores them in a centralized repository to give manufacturers a complete view of systems. By analyzing these data, clients can pinpoint opportunities to reduce scrap, rework, and overfill on particular lines to positively impact the company’s bottom line.

An IT professional with a kitchen and bath fixture manufacturer commented, “ProFicient's real-time data capture and monitoring, along with pre-control plans, allows for more proactive problem solving and scrap/rework reduction.”

- Improve decision making: By easily slicing and dicing quality data, manufacturers can obtain Manufacturing Intelligence to support decision making not only on the plant floor, but across the enterprise.

"InfinityQS ProFicient has helped us reduce the time for documenting quality data,” said a plant operations manager at an advanced engineering and manufacturing company. “It has given us real-time visibility into the data to enable faster problem solving."

- Meet compliance and industry regulations: ProFicient’s built-in features help clients comply with government regulations and industry standards for quality, including the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11, HACCP, and FSMA, while its data collection and aggregation capabilities simplify the audit process. In fact, one of the world’s leading beverage companies noted that ProFicient is actively helping ensure compliance.

- Enable traceability and supplier monitoring: By providing complete visibility into both internal and supplier quality data, ProFicient minimizes the possibility of costly recalls and supports compliance efforts.

A process engineer at a leading powder technology manufacturer noted, “The ability to see real-time data and be able to react is beneficial in keeping consistent parts. Also, the ability to enable traceability from the ‘cradle to the grave’ is a time saver.”

Other business needs cited included improving operational efficiencies, reducing product recalls, meeting customer/client/OEM requirements, and establishing a competitive advantage.

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