Two InfinityQS Executives Named Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2016 Provider Pros to Know

President & CEO Michael Lyle and General Manager of EMEA Martyn Gill again recognized as supply chain industry leaders

FAIRFAX, Va. – Feb. 17, 2016 – InfinityQS International, Inc., the global authority on real-time quality and Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, announces its president and CEO, Michael Lyle, and general manager of EMEA, Martyn Gill, were named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2016 Provider Pros to Know list. This recognition marks Lyle’s and Gill’s sixth and second times, respectively, on the annual list which had more than 350 entries this year.

Michael Lyle, president and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “To truly understand and refine the intricacies of manufacturing operations, key players must be able to ‘see’ everything that’s happening not only on an individual manufacturing line, but across their entire enterprise including supply chain and distribution channels. This level of visibility is only attainable through advanced technologies and coordinated efforts to centralize data collection and analysis. By drawing from more than 25 years of manufacturing and statistical analysis experience, we provide manufacturers enterprise quality solutions that deliver the insight necessary to minimize cost, maximize value, and reduce risk.”

Provider Pros to Know—software firms or service providers, consultancies, or academia—are helping their supply chain clients or the supply chain community at large prepare to meet the significant challenges in the year ahead. Supply & Demand Chain Executive notes that the supply chain is increasingly recognized as a strategic differentiator for leading small, medium, and large enterprises, and supply chain leaders are crucial to the success of the enterprise. That’s why Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s Pros to Know awards recognize these outstanding executives and their accomplishments in leveraging the supply chain for a competitive advantage.

Martyn Gill, general manager of EMEA, InfinityQS, said, "Global manufacturers experience the unique challenge of coordinating a supply chain and internal operations that are stretched around the world. To compete in a global marketplace, these manufacturers must implement a quality solution that can accommodate a wide range of technical capabilities, regulatory needs, languages, and specification units. With an enterprise quality system’s centralized database in the cloud, manufacturers can outpace their competitors and ensure the utmost level of customer satisfaction."

InfinityQS’ proven enterprise quality hub, ProFicient, is powered by a robust, centralized Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis engine. The cloud-based software platform streamlines global data collection and analysis through a unified data archive and enables global manufacturers to proactively monitor and report on Manufacturing Intelligence. With cross-browser functionality, cloud-based quality systems are not dependent upon individual systems or IT configurations, allowing increased ease of access for any facility around the world.

The full list of the Pros to Know is currently available at, and will appear in the March 2016 print issue of the magazine due out in mid-March.

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