InfinityQS Presents Alternative to Quality “Firefighting”

Changing mindset in manufacturing Quality Management provides an opportunity for quality professionals to shift to a strategic, proactive approach that benefits their companies and their careers
FAIRFAX, Va. – March 1, 2017 – InfinityQS® International, Inc. (InfinityQS), the global authority on data-driven enterprise quality, advises manufacturers to reconsider their approach to Quality Management. By moving out of “firefighting” mode and into a proactive, data-driven mindset, quality professionals can solve problems more quickly—or even prevent them in the first place. As a result, quality teams can focus instead on finding opportunities to improve operations and product quality.
Most quality professionals operate in fire drill mode in a landscape of problem alarms and reactive decision-making. Because problems are typically identified after a process or machine fails or quality checks show that products fall outside of specifications, quality teams are left scrambling to minimize damage, including rework, recall, and lost time and productivity.
Michael Lyle, President and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “Most Quality Management solutions operate under a short-sighted reactive status quo. The system might alert you to problems that have already occurred, but they don’t have the capacity to help you predict and prevent problems—or locate potential areas for improvement across the manufacturing enterprise. Doing so can provide manufacturers a competitive advantage.”
InfinityQS suggests that manufacturers turn instead to a Quality Management approach that unifies quality data from across the entire enterprise and leverages advanced analytics to enable insight into operational variances over time. This type of solution enables quality teams to notice small changes in processes or machine performance that indicate the early stages of an issue. By predicting problems in this way, manufacturers can catch issues earlier.
Even more important is the fact that this level of insight can also be used to proactively identify opportunities for improvement that can significantly increase yield and efficiency across the enterprise. This converts quality professionals from reactive firefighters into quality and process strategists identifying competitive improvement opportunities.
To learn more about how data-driven, operational insight can benefit quality teams and provide a competitive advantage for manufacturers, download InfinityQS’s new white paper, “Operational Insight: Information That Drives Excellence.”

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