InfinityQS Helps Manufacturers Find Millions in Potential Savings

FAIRFAX, Va. – March 15, 2017 – InfinityQS® International, Inc. (InfinityQS), the global authority on data-driven enterprise quality, specializes in helping manufacturers use quality data to identify and prioritize opportunities to improve operations. By asking the right questions and employing the proper technology, InfinityQS is helping manufacturers find millions of dollars in potential savings hidden within quality data they already have.
Most manufacturers have faced years of increasing competition and economic stressors. As a result, many have seemingly exhausted their options for finding ways to cut costs without affecting quality. The question has now become, what actions will have the greatest potential for benefit, with the least amount of risk? To answer that question, manufacturers need hard facts, backed by data to make decisions.
Quality Intelligence solutions enable manufacturers to unify quality data and gain visibility into that data from across the enterprise. This data reveals strategic insights into operations that otherwise go unnoticed. When put into action across a production line, manufacturing site, or the entire enterprise, these insights can lead companies to realize better efficiency, lower maintenance costs, reduced rework, improved communication across teams, and clearer management decisions.
Michael Lyle, President and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “A true Quality Intelligence system can help manufacturers revitalize their businesses. By analyzing quality data and locating opportunities for greater efficiency, you can improve processes across the board.”
InfinityQS’s latest white paper illustrates these potential benefits through real-life examples of InfinityQS customers who located millions in savings, saved plants that were on the verge of being shuttered, and more. Interested manufacturers can also find suggestions for getting started with a Quality Intelligence solution that enables a new way of thinking about the potential of quality data.
To take the first steps on the road to leveraging this type of competitive advantage, manufacturers should download the white paper, “Global Transformation: Put Quality Data into Action.”

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