Manufacturers Give InfinityQS a 96% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Company’s commitment to client support and ability to improve global manufacturers’ operational processes, product quality, and decision-making drive loyalty, repeat purchases, and referrals

FAIRFAX, Va. – Jan. 25, 2017 – InfinityQS® International, Inc., the global authority on data-driven quality management, announces that its customer support team received a 96% satisfaction rating from customers who had interacted with them in the last year. This rating derives from a recent customer survey distributed to over 9,000 manufacturing contacts across the globe. As a whole, InfinityQS received a notable 92.3% client satisfaction rating. The positive customer satisfaction results are a direct indication of the company’s commitment to client support and helping manufacturers to gain strategic insight, optimize processes, improve product quality, reduce cost and risk, and meet compliance demands.
In comparison to the customer survey results from 2015, there is a notable increase in satisfaction for every category measured:
  • Ease of Use +9.57%
  • Simplicity of Setup +10.74%
  • Ability to Meet Unique Requirements +3.82%
  • Features & Functionality +1.47%
  • Overall Value +2.22%
 Additionally, there was a rise in the number of survey respondents who use InfinityQS’s solutions to improve decision-making, and increase traceability and supplier monitoring. Manufacturers also noted using the solutions to refine operational efficiencies, reduce product recalls, meet customer/client/OEM requirements, and establish a competitive advantage.
Michael Lyle, president and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “Quality is the foundation of our business and we continuously strive to offer software, services, and expertise that exceed customer expectations. As a company, we know that our success is determined by the success of our clients. This is why we pride ourselves on building strong relationships that focus on our client’s objectives and goals, while providing best-in-class solutions and services.”
Most solutions that deal with manufacturing quality focus purely on the production floor. In today’s market, that’s a limited approach. InfinityQS offers powerful, centralized data solutions that give you operational insight into manufacturing assets and quality data from across your enterprise. Then, InfinityQS provides the expertise to turn that data into Manufacturing Intelligence to drive strategic decision-making. With this level of control, you can streamline and optimize your production — from supplier to customer — and transform your processes and operations. 

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