TEL NEXX Modernizes Shop Floor Data Collection and Quality Control With InfinityQS ProFicient

Quality Intelligence solution enables chip metallization provider to improve accuracy and timeliness of data capture, rapidly respond to issues, and identify opportunities for continuous improvement
FAIRFAX, Va. – Nov. 16, 2017 – InfinityQS® International, Inc. (InfinityQS), the global authority on data-driven manufacturing quality, announces TEL NEXX, a metallization solutions provider to chip designers and manufacturers, is using its software to modernize shop floor data collection and quality control. Moving from a manual, paper-based system to an accessible database, the company has installed InfinityQS’ Quality Intelligence solution ProFicient™ on tablets for shop floor operators to directly enter data. This has improved the accuracy and timeliness of data capture and enabled rapid response to production issues. With access to historical data at the management level, TEL NEXX can also identify opportunities for quality and process improvements.
Brian Hart, Manufacturing Engineer, TEL NEXX, said, “ProFicient has made accessing a history for each product easy. As our database grows, we can extract information to drive continuous improvement projects and eliminate bottlenecks. What’s more, moving from a paper-based system to an accessible database has made us more efficient. As the projects and operators advance, we only expect to move faster and faster—with the same integrity.”
Historically, TEL NEXX collected data almost entirely manually, which required operators to duplicate data-entry steps by recording data on paper and then entering them into spreadsheets. These processes were time consuming and required rechecking to avoid errors. But now, operators are entering data once into ProFicient, and the data immediately becomes available for managers and administrators to review and provide feedback in real time. Direct data entry has also improved morale on the shop floor, with operators seeing the importance of data collection and taking greater ownership of the work.
Michael Lyle, President and CEO, InfinityQS, said, “When manufacturers rely on manual data entry, it creates inefficiencies that prevent them from responding to variations and other shop floor issues properly and in a timely manner. Instead, modern technologies are available that can create visibility for organizations into their quality data. This transparency enables them to not only make prompt corrections to ensure problems don’t compound, but also perform proactive analysis for continuous improvement.”
To support operator adoption, Hart is leading an incremental rollout of ProFicient and also gradually integrating the solution with TEL NEXX’s existing shop-floor systems. Notably, within just weeks of deploying ProFicient, Hart was able to detect equipment settings that had been inadvertently altered from the original specifications and in a few hours make adjustments so that the machine operated correctly moving forward.
To learn more about how TEL NEXX is creating more efficient methods to gather and analyze process data, read the full case study available here:  
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