Benefits of SaaS: Part 2

Douglas C. Fair
By Douglas C. Fair | April 23, 2018
Chief Operating Officer
Well here we are, still in the future. Nice, huh? From a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) perspective, it certainly is. As we discussed in part one of this two-part blog series, you’re missing out on a lot if you’re still using paper and pencil and not taking advantage of all that SaaS has to offer. Specifically, reduced IT expenditures, data accessibility from anywhere, at any time, and much more.
How much more? To begin with, your IT team will thank you…
Unburden your IT Team with a SaaS application
The manufacturing world has become inundated with data. Everyone wants data and the information contained within it. And they need information technology (IT) specialists in their business to manage the complexities that technology brings. Since so much tech is available today, we have come to rely heavily on IT teams. As a result, they are stressed to the max. 
Since moving to a SaaS offering means no up-front capital outlay and no equipment to buy, your IT team’s burden is reduced. There are no servers to purchase and setup, no software to install, and no need for time-consuming software upgrades in the future. This frees up your IT team to focus on everything else they have going on. For your IT teams, SaaS systems mean less to learn, less to setup, and far less stress.
Plus, for the management of any company that uses SaaS, it means lower costs, fewer headaches, and faster deployments. It’s a win-win for IT, management, and the whole company. How great is that? Ah, the benefits of SaaS…

Now look through the quality lens

Most companies today are under great pressure to improve the quality of their products. At the same time, their customers want lower prices. And there is no shortage of competition—no matter where you look. No matter what product you sell, there is an “over-supply” of vendors.
 SaaS brings all your data together
Companies have essentially been forced to do whatever they can to become more efficient and improve the bottom line. From a quality perspective, looking through the quality “lens,” if you will, SaaS is a great answer.
First of all, there are waaaay more data now than there has ever been. Almost every device, every machine, every production line has some means to gather and spit out data. And, in most cases, there is no over-arching way to organize all that disparate data. Companies may house that data in a proprietary database, or they may even have that data streaming and not save it anywhere. And with all this data overload, many companies don’t even look at the data they have collected, even though they have spent mountains of money on the systems. What a waste. But SaaS can change all that; it can bring it all together.
Bring it all together…
Any one of these data sources is valuable by itself. Together, though, they can generate exceptional value to an organization by identifying large-scale, cross-plant opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency gains. SaaS systems are brilliant at doing this since data from varied data sources, production lines and plants is standardized and centralized in a single repository allowing enterprise-wide data visibility.
Having all your data in one place means that you can aggregate and summarize data. You can mine golden nuggets of information across your enterprise and prioritize improvement opportunities that can generate the greatest positive impacts on your business. The right SaaS tool—and we’ve got ‘em at InfinityQS—can easily support the analysis of aggregated data and enable you to transform business performance.
…And bring it home
So, a SaaS platform offers you a way to reduce IT costs, store all your data in one place, and the opportunity to aggregate your data and identify the areas where your organization can improve. The right SaaS tool (and, again, we’ve got it) provides cutting edge analysis tools, built from years of quality and manufacturing experience. And that SaaS product is called Enact®.
Thanks for joining me for this short series about the many benefits of SaaS. I encourage you to learn more about Enact and the value that a SaaS platform can bring to your company.  ‘Til next time.

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