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Anyone who has participated in the InfinityQS Fundamentals Training class at our corporate office probably has heard me say: “I love toolbar buttons!”  This week, I discovered a new use that has been present the whole time – I just didn’t know it.

If you are new to our SPC software and don’t know what toolbar buttons are, they offer shortcuts for quickly and easily navigating through the software. They will even allow you to interface with other applications such as Minitab with just a click of the mouse. We included this functionality in our software to make everyone’s life easier. Operators use them to help enter data and access Part Specs and Work Instructions without having to navigate to the various locations. Other users enjoy the ease of querying the database with just a click to generate a large variety of reports.

I received a call from one of our clients who wanted a toolbar button that would allow a supervisor to sign off on a subgroup entered earlier.  Let’s call this client Joe.  Joe had been struggling to come up with a quick way to validate a subgroup from his office with as few clicks of the mouse as possible. Joe’s company was even willing to pay for any customized code needed since he wanted a specific message.  His message was simple:  Validated (and the supervisor’s name).  “Hmmm . . . there has to be a way to do this,” says I.  And, guess what-- there is! Joe simply had to create a toolbar button with the appropriate command.  Here’s how:

>>subgroupcomment (%user Validated)

The %user acts as a token and allows the logged-in person’s name to appear in the comment. What you would see in the comment column for that subgroup is:

Jennie Oneal Validated

This goal is accomplished by simply selecting the subgroup to be validated in the View Data Chart and clicking on the new toolbar button. See? What’s not to love about toolbar buttons?!  If you’d like to learn more about toolbar buttons, their commands and uses, go to the Help section of the software and see more great ideas.

Jennie O’Neal
By Jennie O’Neal
Technical Support Manager
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