Are you down with OPC...Provider?

In his last blog, "Old McDonald had a Farm," my co-worker Britt Reid did a great job describing our package of tools called DMS/DCS which allows you to collect data from m

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Defects - The Story Continues

In our first installment of collecting attribute type data we went over how to set up a ProFicient project to collect defectives type data in a single data entry configuration.

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Passing Parameters from the Toolbar: No Stops! No Layovers!

I recently came across the quote by Henry J. Tillman that says ”’Getting there is half the fun’ became obsolete with the advent of commercial airlines.” This quote is funny because it’s true. In...

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Unsung Hero: Utilizing the User-Defined Item Descriptor

Have you ever seen the massive cruise ships or oil tankers, weighing in at several thousand tons, being towed by the comparatively tiny tugboats?  I’m amazed at their effortless ability...

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