Cloud-Based Quality: Why Should You Consider the Change?

Eric Weisbrod
By Eric Weisbrod | April 20, 2017
Vice President, Product Management
Change is difficult. Whether it’s moving to a new city, switching banks, or even upgrading your computer operating system, most individuals dread change. And in some ways, it can be even more daunting for large manufacturing organizations, as they must not only deal with the issue of scale, but with the resistance of numerous individuals. 
Challenges aside, manufacturers today must embrace change to remain viable players in their markets. Fortunately, today’s technologies and systems can make change a more positive experience — and yield valuable benefits. That’s why InfinityQS® has created Enact®, our native-cloud Quality Intelligence platform.
Embrace the Change
Updates to existing systems can be costly and time-consuming, and there’s no guarantee of comparable returns in value. So, why invest in change at all?
The short answer is that manufacturing is driven by innovation. Advances in manufacturing processes are outstripping improvements in quality control. Even when the need for change is clear, managers struggle with real risks that they cannot simply dismiss, such as:
  • lack of consistency in processes, product quality, and output from line to line and plant to plant;
  • aging infrastructure or vendor lock-in that doesn’t easily allow updates and upgrades; and
  • territoriality among workers who want to “protect their own turf” and the way they do things, making them resistant to change.
Resistance to change is normal, but change can make life better and easier for everyone—and it’s essential for securing the future of an organization. One way to make the move to updated processes and systems easier is to consider a cloud-based quality software platform.
Cloud-Based Quality Intelligence
Enact is an exciting product for many reasons, but mainly because of how it transforms the way manufacturers work. Enact isn’t just a new spin on a legacy product hosted in the cloud: It’s a completely new platform built from the ground up specifically for manufacturers ready to harness the power of the cloud.
Most users are already familiar with cloud-based software (or software as a service—SaaS). The simplicity of implementing such systems and of getting users up to speed makes it easier for manufacturers to addresses the challenges of staying current with technology.
We know that when a manufacturer has invested in an on-premises quality solution, the decision to change that system and migrate data to the cloud isn’t one to be made lightly. In particular, manufacturers have to be vigilant about keeping their quality systems current so that they provide the most value to the organization. A cloud-based quality system like Enact can do this by:
  • eliminating data siloes;
  • creating visibility across all operations through one centralized interface;
  • standardizing the way plants collect and analyze data;
  • removing inconsistencies across lines, plants, and the organization as a whole; and
  • making it easy to keep the solution up to date.
In addition, cloud-based systems eliminate the need for manual backups and enable access to quality data from any device — computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Preparing for Industry 4.0
The manufacturing industry is staring into the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0. The hallmark of this revolution is smart factories capitalizing on the Industrial Internet of Things, which provides unparalleled visibility into the entire production operation. The cloud is at the forefront of Industry 4.0, providing:
  • the ability to view quality for every product on every line in every plant;
  • a unified, centralized interface for every facility in the organization;
  • the ability to make adjustments from any device and propagate the change through the organization; and
  • a boost to processing speeds.
In addition, lower capital expenditures and operating costs throughout the enterprise are a consideration. For many manufacturers, rather than investing in on-premises technologies and infrastructure that require continuous upkeep, the cloud ensures that manufacturers will always have a state-or-the art solution with dedicated experts on hand to support it.
The Future of Quality Is in the Cloud
While many manufacturers are moving to cloud-based solutions like Enact, not everyone is ready for them right now. Organizations need to consider regulatory limitations and internal requirements for housing data. But they certainly don’t need to fear the future.
As with most revolutions, there are huge benefits to be had for those organizations willing to make the move. Digital transformation is happening constantly, and those who embrace it stand to reap tremendous benefits.

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