Rich Functionality and Proven Technology? Yes, Enact Has It

Matt Tweedy
By Matt Tweedy | April 27, 2017
Vice President of Product Management
Are you the person who needs to have the latest and greatest gadget? Maybe it’s the newest smartphone, or the home thermostat you can control from the office, or the latest release of your favorite game. Some folks just itch to have the newest version of their favorite tech.

But while consumers may find it easy and fun to make quick technology decisions, leaders and execs in manufacturing organizations are looking for proven solutions. When manufacturers invest in new technology, they need to be sure the products they bring in are going to be:
  • Cost effective
  • Compatible with existing software and systems
  • Adaptable to their needs
  • Easy for users to learn and use
Most important, any technology needs to provide real value – right away and over the long term.
InfinityQS® understands the importance of providing proven, tested solutions for manufacturing. That’s why we invested all our expertise in creating the Enact® Quality Intelligence platform.
Rich Features, Now and Into the Future
Over a span of two years and 180 man-years of development time, six development teams have worked simultaneously — employing a rigorous development and quality assurance process — to create Enact.
Our development teams started with well-defined requirements and worked within a method-driven process that enabled them to actively collaborate, improve features, and test the software live, as it was being created.
The result is a rich, functional software solution that’s ready to help manufacturers achieve results right away.
Enact clients will also benefit from the ongoing development that’s part of the growth model for Enact. Just as we always have been, InfinityQS is committed to continually updating and enhancing the Enact feature set to meet the changing needs of our clients.
Companies that adopt Enact today will be able to quickly see direct benefits:
  • Enact is purpose-built to take advantage of cloud technology, and its software-as-a-service (SaaS) model makes it highly cost effective.
  • Organizations don’t have to replace existing equipment, data collection devices, or systems; they can use what they have, and Enact plugs and plays in that environment.
  • Because Enact is a platform, as new features and modules are added, they are immediately available to each client’s complete quality solution.
  • Enact is highly visual and intuitive, so users can learn it quickly and get what they need to do their jobs better right away.
The manufacturing environment is constantly changing, but today’s technology solutions can help organizations keep up. With Enact, manufacturers can leverage existing investments while keeping pace with the demands of a global marketplace. Plus, they’ll be getting the benefit of a quarter-century of proven expertise in manufacturing quality management.
And isn’t that what you’d expect from InfinityQS?
Learn more about Enact today.

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