Benefits of SaaS: Part 2

Software-as-a-Service unburdens your IT team and brings all your data together.

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Soldiers, Firefighters, and Generals: Part 3

Corporate and Six Sigma users love Enact's aggregated dashboards, grading methodology, and mobility.

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Benefits of SaaS: Part 1

Software-as-a-Service is here. Improve your bottom line, as well as the overall quality of your processes and products, by moving to a SaaS platform. Move up, up, and away from pencil and paper...

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Soldiers, Firefighters, and Generals: Part 2

This installment in the three-part series focuses on the firefighters of manufacturing—Quality Inspectors and Managers—how they deep-dive using the raw dashboard to pinpoint issues, and...

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Manufacturers Need to Realise the True Value of Data They Already Have

The manufacturing sector needs to make better use of the valuable data that often sits unused within their production environments, in order to dramatically improve efficiency, production...

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