Lean Six Sigma Enters the 2012 Presidential Race

Mike Lyle
By Mike Lyle | August 12, 2011
President and CEO

Did you hear Newt Gingrich discussing lean manufacturing in last night’s Republican Presidential Debate in Ames, IA?

Consistent to his approach as an "ideas" candidate he said: "They should institute Lean Six Sigma across the entire federal government. A hard idea for Washington reporters to cover, but an important idea because it’s the key to American manufacturing success."

You can see the video on the Fox News website. He starts talking about six sigma within the first two minutes.

While we don’t endorse candidates from either party, this is one issue that everyone can agree on. The principles of lean six sigma are vital to increasing the productivity and profitability for the U.S. manufacturing base, which is perhaps the most important sector to future economic growth.

For over 20 years InfinityQS has been on the front lines in advanced manufacturing. During this time we’ve helped scores of top manufacturers implement advanced systems that allow them to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and remain competitive in the global market.

It will be interesting to see how the issue plays out in the lead up to 2012 but it's promising to see the early focus on using lean six sigma to drive economic growth.

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