Adjust Your Manufacturing Approach, Reduce Customer Complaints

Once upon a time, a customer complaint surrounding a product—such as an uncomfortable or poorly made pair of shoes—probably would not make it out of a close circle of friends or...

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Re-defining 'Made in China'-Part Two

Over the past century, China has emerged as a global powerhouse in manufacturing. It is for this reason that the term “made in China” appears on so many imported products. In fact, 70...

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Re-defining 'Made in China'-Part One

When a product recall takes place, one of the most important parts of solving the problem is finding the root cause and taking appropriate steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. For...

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In Rwanda, Manufacturers Look to Quality Control for Success

It has been nearly two decades since political and social unrest nearly destroyed the fragile economy of the small African country of Rwanda. And now, all signs indicate that manufacturing is on...

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India Pathology Research Centers Lacking Quality Control

The study and control of pathogens is absolutely integral to the prevention of the outbreak of deadly, contagious diseases. And a major part of this process is the regulatory oversight of those...

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May Manufacturing Orders up 13.6 Percent

American-based manufacturing intelligence leaders have reason to speculate that the second half of the year is going to be a profitable one.

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How Much do Product Recalls Really Cost?

Picture this: your food processing plant is forced to recall several hundred packaged meats from its facility after a food borne illness is discovered lurking inside of a product. The product...

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The Next Generation of Manufacturing Intelligence

The Baby Boomers are retiring, and are slowly handing over the reins to a new generation of manufacturers. But who is this generation of young leaders who will be tasked with ushering in a new era...

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The Value of Enterprise Quality Management Software-Part 1

There is an old adage that too many cooks can spoil a soup. If you have six cooks lording over a pot, for example, each one will have a different system of how it should come out. Seasoning amounts...

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Statistical Process Control Software: Protecting Consumers as well as Manufacturers

Your UK- based food plant produces several varieties of soups—many of which contain meat products. But since you have neither a farm nor a slaughterhouse, you outsource your company’s...

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InfinityQS to Host Manufacturing Intelligence Conference

On September 16-17, manufacturing executives from across the globe will converge in Washington, D.C., for a conference to discuss the latest in manufacturing intelligence, automation and mobile...

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FDA to Lower Acceptable Amount of Arsenic in Apple Juice-Part Two

Recently, the FDA announced that it will place restrictions on the amount of arsenic that is allowed in apple juice.

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FDA to Lower Acceptable Amount of Arsenic in Apple Juice-Part One

A refreshing glass of apple juice has always been one of your favorite treats. Better for you than soda, yet sweet enough to provide a sugar fix; you have always thought of it as a great way to...

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Toyota Opens Manufacturing Quality Control Center

Not only did Toyota up its quarterly profit by 94% in its April-June 2010 report, but the company it making it clear that product safety is back to being a top priority. The Japanese automobile...

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