May Manufacturing Orders up 13.6 Percent

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By InfinityQS Blog | August 22, 2013
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American-based manufacturing intelligence leaders have reason to speculate that the second half of the year is going to be a profitable one. It has been reported that manufacturing technology has risen to $430.06 million in May according to (citation needed) proving that summer is anything but slow for this space.

This figure represents a 13.6 percent increase from April, and brings the total revenue for this year at around $2.09 billion. And its increase is leaving manufacturers optimistic that this trend will continue for the remainder of 2013.

"A rise in U.S. manufacturing technology orders is welcome as we move into the summer months, which are typically soft,” said AMT Vice President of Industry Intelligence Patrick W. McGibbon.

Here is a look at how the May earnings breaks down according to region, when compared to last year’s statistics from that month:

  • West: $75.72 million—a 20.6 percent increase
  • South Central: $65.29 million—a 6.5 percent increase
  • North Central-West: $73.46 million—16.1 percent decrease
  • North Central-East: $100.46 million—29.5 percent decrease
  • Southeast: $43.57 million—has not changed
  • Northeast: $71.56 million—a 5.1 percent increase

Part of the jump in sales can be attributed to recent advances in automotive and aerospace production. Manufacturers continue to make changes in their supply chains—and as a result, processes are speeding up and becoming more efficient. And as an added benefit, contract machinery is also increasing due to the decreased rates of U.S.-based production. This also has a direct affect on foreign companies that are investing in U.S.-based manufacturers.

With manufacturing projected to soar in America, there has never been a greater need for quality control software in production facilities. While technology orders are up, the key to them staying up will be recall prevention. With statistical process control software in place, enterprise leaders will be able to churn out products without the fear of malfunctions or setbacks.

To learn more about how to prevent recalls, click here.

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