The Importance of Ensuring Quality in an Assembly-Based Manufacturing Culture

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By InfinityQS Blog | August 2, 2013
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Imagine you’re the owner of a business that churns out all sorts of toys generally designed for children between the ages of three and six. Your most popular toy happens to be a series of action figures that’s tied in to a popular summer blockbuster. Those figures are put together on an assembly line, with different parts coming from different suppliers. One of those suppliers provides the action figures’ limbs, torso and head; another supplier provides hats that the figures wear; and a third supplier provides screws that hold the figures together.

Business is good. Sales continue to climb. Your assembly line puts together the final touches on your latest batch of action figures that you intend to ship out later that afternoon. Production is going smoothly until all of a sudden the assembly line shuts down.

Detecting abnormalities in the action figures, your quality management software halts production. The software then relays the information that your supplier sent you a batch of defective screws. Those screws were supposed to secure the heads on the action figures, but upon inspection you see that they were imperfect and could easily break. If your equipment didn’t detect the error, a defective action figure could have found its way into the hands of a young child who then could have theoretically dislodged a head and choked on it.

 But because you’ve implemented a thorough enterprise quality management solution, you were able to realize the problem before the product shipped. Because of quality management, you were able to prevent a potentially tragic situation from occurring, saving your company from missing production deadlines and avoiding a potential lawsuit as well as negative publicity.

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