The Value of Enterprise Quality Management Software-Part 1

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By InfinityQS Blog | August 19, 2013
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There is an old adage that too many cooks can spoil a soup. If you have six cooks lording over a pot, for example, each one will have a different system of how it should come out. Seasoning amounts, cook time and ingredients will all clash and create a mess, where one governing cook can probably do the entire job adequately.

The same can be said for your manufacturing quality control system. Does your manufacturing facility ever feel like a kitchen with too many cooks? Do you have too many conflicting organizational systems preventing you from optimally running your facility? If so, then you need to simplify your approach to how you are going about gathering your metrics.

 In fact, according to a recent study by LNS Research, 47 percent of executives claim that there are too many data sources and systems for quality in their organizations. And 55 percent of executives claim they cannot effectively measure their quality metrics. Further, right now 27 percent of executives are planning on implementing an enterprise quality management system in their production facility—and this number is expected to grow in the years to come.

  • Here are some benefits associated with implementing an enterprise quality control system in your manufacturing facility:
  • Increase the safety of both your employees and your customers
  • Increase the awareness of your supply chain
  • Gain access to quality metrics
  • Facilitate closed-loop quality management

An enterprise quality management system such as InfinityQS ProFicient software gives manufacturing executives the ability to view production in real-time, as it occurs on the plant floor—or across multiple plant floors. ProFicient software combines all of the information you need to observe your production into one single quality control hub. It will create a single, unified system for monitoring not only the employees who are producing your goods, but the exact specifications of goods before they leave your plant and are made public.

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