What Determines a Quality Product? How Can SPC Software Ensure This?

Chefs around the country are gearing up for the US Foods second annual Next Top Product Contest. With the grand prize being $20,000 in cash and prizes, as well as the ability for a chef to have his or her product developed into a national product, there is a lot on the line in this contest.

The competition, open to more than 250,000 US Foods customers/chefs, challenges the country’s most talented food-makers to bring their most delicious recipes for baked goods, sauces or hot appetizers up to the plate. The winning recipe will be determined by the public and developed into a US Foods product for everyone to enjoy.

But while taste is oftentimes based on personal preference, can the same be said about the quality of a product? And how does one determine quality?

Consistency is one of, if not, the most important criteria when determining the quality of a particular product. For instance, a company could create the most mouthwatering, delicious dessert, but if the dessert doesn’t look, feel or taste the same each time, the product experience instantly declines. This quality assurance applies to all product and service sectors from hospitality to retail to consumer products.

So how do you ensure a product is up to your company’s and consumers’ standards of quality? With enterprise quality software powered by a centralized statistical process control analysis engine such as the InfinityQS ProFicient solution.  ProFicient statistical process control software gives manufacturers complete control over the quality of their products through manufacturing intelligence, saving them money while at the same time improving product quality, maintaining compliance and making smart data-driven business decisions.

In the restaurant industry an enterprise quality platform can monitor critical attributes such as fryer temperature, inventory dates or even customer satisfaction data. The intelligence assures that consistent food products are produced for each order regardless or location, shift, prep cook or any other variable that can affect a restaurant’s quality and service.

While the next top food product will be governed by its potential for success, its ultimate success will be determined by its ability to last on the market and satisfy consumers everywhere. This is a standard that every manufacturer or producer of any kind, regardless of industry, should strive for.

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