Rick Sloop

Rick Sloop

Technical Services Manager

Rick joined InfinityQS International as the Senior Application Engineer in 2003 and is based out of Kannapolis, NC. In addition supporting clients with on-site training, SPC implementations and consultations, Rick also serves as the Technical Services Manager and is responsible for the organization and development of InfinityQS’ Technical Services department.

Prior to working for InfinityQS, Rick gained experience with the software when tasked with SPC implementation in his position at NGK Ceramics as the Senior Process Control Coordinator. Since joining the company, he has assisted hundreds of companies with their SPC implementation and guided clients through process control improvements. Under the role of Technical Services Coordinator, Rick has been instrumental in the development of several of InfinityQS’ training courses including: SPC Strategies, Gauge Tracking and Calibration System and Measurement Analysis.

In addition to his work with InfinityQS, Rick has had articles published in Quality Magazine and Medical Device Network. He also presented a session on "Gauge Control after Calibration" at the 2010 Quality Measurement Conference.

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