Bottling Knowledge and Sharing It blog series: Part 2 – Real-time Notifications

Greg Matranga
By Greg Matranga | March 1, 2021
Vice President of Global Marketing

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Real-time data collection for users of Enact®, our quality intelligence platform, leads to real-time notifications. In part 1 of this blog series focused on bottlers and beverage providers, we discussed real-time data collection—a powerful tool for bottlers that enables them to keep their operators and quality experts focused on what they do best, making the highest quality products possible.
Working hand-in-hand with data collection are the real-time notifications that operators need to fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their abilities. Notifications in Enact can be generated for manufacturing limit and statistical violations, checklist violations, and timed data collections (as discussed in part 1 of the series).
Enact for Bottling 
InfinityQS helps the bottling industry’s biggest companies transform their quality performance across the enterprise. Enact is “SPC quality intelligence in the cloud.” But it’s also much more than that. Enact is about obtaining visibility across your enterprise, gaining operational insights into your processes, and using the actionable information you gain from those insights to truly transform your bottling operations.
So, without further ado, let’s take a close look at real-time notifications in Enact.

On the Dashboard

As noted in part 1 of this series, notifications list on the left side of the work dashboard (see the image below), to which everyone has access; they are color-coded green and red for easy identification.
Enact Notifications 
Enact is Role-BasedRed for a violation, and green for an upcoming data collection. Let's look at our notifications from three different workplace personas’ perspectives. The person on the top is our operator.

She's out on the shop floor, let's say on a filling line.

The person below her, that's her supervisor.

And the guy at the bottom is a support person, maybe a quality engineer or a statistician; he’s there to support the operations.
All three employees of the same bottling company see the notifications on the left of their work dashboard.

The first notification is a manufacturing limit violation, and the second is a statistical violation.
Violation Notifications
Side note: If and when you need to see control charts for a violation, it’s super easy to do. Simply click the chart icon on the right-hand side of the notifications portion of the work dashboard (highlighted in the image above) and the appropriate control chart displays.
Enact Control Chart 
When there’s a manufacturing violation, or a limit violation, you don’t want to keep it to yourself, right? When you set up Enact, you can make it so the system automatically notifies whomever you need or want to right away so it can be fixed ASAP!
Violation Notifications
Obviously, the operator would need to know right away, because they are responsible for controlling the process. And, of course, her supervisor would want to know right away as well.
Or, if there were a statistical violation, you could notify just the quality engineer, or whomever was supporting those operations (as illustrated in the image below).
Violation Notifications 
Enact notifications make it easy to spot and share any type of violation with your co-workers. Everyone is always on the same page.


Many of our clients need and want checklists. What you see in the image below is a filling pre-operational checklist. The example notification states that the checklist was supposed to be filled out 28 minutes ago. The operator can get right on it; but their supervisor already knows…
Enact Checklist 
You can configure checklists with any checks you want performed, and any phraseology you deem appropriate for the task…and, of course, the answers to the checks. Note on the right side of the checklist that Enact offers you the option of using a camera to supply additional information, if appropriate, to help answer the question. In the example above, the operator has photographed the empty box of gloves to indicate why he/she was not wearing the necessary assigned PPE.

Data Collection Notifications

Data collections that are due to happen in your bottling facility trigger notifications in Enact—to help you stay on top of all your responsibilities. The beauty of data collection notifications is that the operator never needs to watch the clock, or worry about missing a data collection; instead, Enact gives the operator a heads up with plenty of notice. That way, the operator can focus on their other myriad everyday responsibilities.
Once the operator is notified, the countdown begins, as you can see in the image below. So, this operator has about four minutes before she needs to perform this Net Volume data collection; plenty of time to finish up whatever it is she’s currently working on.
Data Collection Notification 
However, notice in the next image how, when the countdown is complete, if the collection has not been performed, a violation notification is triggered, and the appropriate supervisor is automatically notified.
Data Collection Notification 
And this all happens in real time. What a great way to stay on top of things!

Remote Notification

If you’re on the go, or out of the plant for any reason, you still need to receive notifications. You need to be kept up-do-date on what’s going on in your operations. Enact enables you to set up email notifications so you can do just that.
Email Notification
Above is a sample email notification. General information is readily available as soon as you open it. Then you simply tap the View Event Details button at the lower left to view specifics.
Email Notification
The Enact application opens on your phone or tablet, and here you can see assignable cause codes, operator and timeline information, and (as in the example below) photographic evidence—in this case it’s visual proof of a fill issue.
Email Notification
Notice that this window offers “free form” comments (highlighted), as well. All this information is instantly available to you with Enact’s automatic email notifications—no matter where you are at the time of the event.


You can see how Enact notifications make this tool much more than just SPC. It’s SPC quality intelligence in the cloud. The incredible visibility across your enterprise Enact offers helps you gain operational insights into your processes, insights that lead to actionable information that can help you improve your manufacturing processes and truly transform your bottling operations.
Come back for more of our bottling blog series. Next, we’ll look deeply into the importance of centralized data for bottlers’ quality endeavors.
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