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By InfinityQS Blog | December 19, 2013
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You are in charge of overseeing manufacturing production across eight different corporate branches. As a multi-site manufacturer, quality is vitally important at each of your facilities but at the same time, they each act somewhat independently so there isn’t an encompassing need to implement a fully integrated, enterprise system that drives global standards. If each facility produces different products then there may not be a need to push data between sites. But each one requires a best-in-class quality control reporting system.

A company that makes snacks, for instance, might sell many different varieties across multiple site locations. Therefore, each facility is bound to use different manufacturing equipment and will have varying quality control needs depending on the type of production that is taking place. If a company is making mini-pies in Georgia, for instance, it might have a problem with the amount of sugar that is being used. At the same time, a different branch located in Detroit might make pretzels and will be concerned with salt—and so on.

Just because there are no set corporate standards amongst your competing branches, however, doesn’t mean you do not require manufacturing quality metrics. Ultimately you still need to make sure that everything is up to par before being shipped out to consumers. There is still the need for a solution that can allow executives to remotely log in and gain access to real-time information. In many cases, cloud technology still makes sense in these multi-site scenarios because of the cost advantages and ease of system management.  Using a remote, cloud-based quality control system, a regional manager can log in across multiple sites and gain access to real-time manufacturing data as it is being produced.

As far as IT infrastructure at the multi site manufacturing level is concerned, the cloud can facilitate a much easier maintenance and optimization experience than when equipment is stored on site.

Another thing to consider when choosing an enterprise quality management IT solution at the multi-site level is how often your company changes location. For seasonal companies that require moving in a small window of time, there is no point in maintaining multiple data center locations when everything can be stored in the cloud and accessed from any location.

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