Continuous Improvement: Statistical Process Control (SPC) Training

Enterprise quality management is one of the most important aspects of your production process. Your company relies heavily on a best-in-class quality system to produce quality parts that meet company and customer expectations. To ensure that thing happens, you go out and purchase a new InfinityQS Statistical Process Control (SPC) system to automate your processes.

What good is a system, however, if your employees do not understand the processes that are taking place? The SPC platform will run efficiently and report when something goes wrong. But employees still need to be properly trained as to how to search for the subtle nuances of a production process to ensure top-level quality at all times. For instance, suppose you are making bread—you want to be aware of how environmental factors such as humidity and temperature may affect baking processes. You need a strategy for understanding how to make bread on a humid day so that product quality can remain unhindered no matter what the conditions are. Before you do all that, you need to know how to structure the data so it makes sense.

For a single manufacturing facility, this can be challenging enough. But imagine what happens when you start dealing with multiple enterprises that all need to produce the same products. Executives need to train employees with proper strategies for dealing with environmental challenges and ensuring consistency no matter what the conditions are. Production facilities often operate more like a laboratory than a kitchen in this sense—every plan must be completely uniform and run by the book to ensure consistency.

As a solution to this problem, InfinityQS is now offering Client Focused training courses at its headquarters in the Washington, D.C. metro area. This environment allows a client’s employees to become completely familiar with statistical control software in a facility apart from the day to day operational hassles. Now, up to 22 employees from your company can gather for product training before it is deployed and used in your enterprise. This way, upon returning to the workplace your employees will have a firm grasp on the software and the knowledge of how to deal with any problem that might arise.

Are you looking to bring your employees up to speed with InfinityQS ProFicient software? Please click here for more information about our comprehensive Client Focused training program. 

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