Quality Control Practices to Celebrate

This holiday season, before dashing off to holiday parties, marathon shopping, yuletide carols, or however you celebrate, it is important to sit back and look at all of the products around you that make your life great. From the silverware and plates on the table to the high quality meats that you know won’t make you sick when you eat it, product quality plays a very large role in your life.

Here is a list of aspects related to enterprise quality management that we all have to be thankful for this holiday season:


Enterprises use a process called overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to measure the uptime, availability and quality of the products that they produce. OEE is a formula that gives manufacturers insight into the quality of their production processes. However, just like your mashed potatoes are nothing without a lagoon of gravy, OEE requires advanced, drill-down metrics in order to be of use. These metrics are produced through statistical process control software (SPC) such as InfinityQS ProFicient.

Scrap Rate

Manufacturers do not have the ability to continually rework projects when it comes to reducing scraps. When cutting metal rods, for instance, manufacturers require solutions for getting it right the first time so that they do not have to go back and waste time and money. This is called a scrap rate, and through the power of statistical process control software it is possible to create a more consistent process.

The Cloud

Before the days of the cloud, manufacturing enterprise had an almost impossible job of ensuring consistency and efficiency across multiple plant locations. Now, the cloud can be used to store data in one centralized location so that manufacturers can have a consistent way of assessing processes and comparing them accordingly. Trends associated with product stabilization are therefore recognizable through the use of charts and graphs, as well as their overall impact on an enterprise.


Just like you go to great lengths to ensure that your holiday meal will be perfect for your guests, executives need to be sure that by the time a product winds up in the hands of a consumer or on the shelf of a vendor it is of sound quality and will not lead to an expensive product recall. In order to achieve this amount of visibility, manufacturing executives need greater insight into the processes that go on in a facility. Through the power of advanced metrics, executives gain this insight and are able to prevent problems before they occur, which ultimately saves both time and money.

Supply Chain Visibility

You want to know where the food on your table came from.  And these days, enterprises need access to the same information when trying to assess the quality of parts that they send out to consumers. With today’s statistical process control software, it is possible to attain such insight so there is never any question about the integrity of an overall product. 

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