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By InfinityQS Blog | December 2, 2013
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It is not uncommon for plant managers, quality teams and compliance managers to know they have quality issues in the supply chain but not have the right intelligence to properly pinpoint the problem. Internal supply chain teams excel in logistics, planning and scheduling, but many organizations have gaps when it comes to who is responsible for tracking supplier quality.

Yet it happens time and time again. Major quality issues continue to occur in just about every industry, whether it be faulty brakes or safety systems in auto industry, contaminated pallets in pharmaceuticals, faulty medical devices, overheating batteries in aerospace or contaminated food; the list of major recalls due to supplier quality failures goes on and one.

Cloud technology today allows companies to securely share operational data so that each partner in the supply chain network is aware and accountable to operational metrics. At the large enterprise level, this means going above and beyond the basic needs of your company’s manufacturing or distribution center and really identifying how to develop stronger relationships with the tier 1 and tier 2 supply network.

Improved network security in recent years have paved the way for a shift in how companies look at the cloud, particularly in regulated industries. A range of connectivity options include traditional internet, hardware VPN, direct private circuits, software VPN or a hybrid deployment.

Expanding visibility to the supply chain operational data is a natural next step as companies develop their own sophisticated internal quality systems. These systems give companies a more proactive approach to quality control that drives reduction in product recalls and overall costs of quality and delivers analytics that are readily available for reporting and audits.

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