Things to Consider when Choosing an Enterprise-level Quality Management Solution

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By InfinityQS Blog | December 23, 2013
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Your company manufactures frozen foods at the large-enterprise level. From New York State to Mexico City, frozen foods are created, assembled, packaged and distributed from multiple plant locations across several continents. The ultimate challenge for a brand is to create millions of units, sourced and created across multiple locations that look, taste and act exactly the same. Add to that the importance of packaging and the need to sustain the quality of materials, ink color, seal integrity and so on.

At this level, it is vital that all machinery, ingredients and processes are uniform and operating systematically. It would be disastrous, for instance, if a leading boxed macaroni and cheese company started releasing different ratios of cheese in their packages. Unlike most multi-site manufacturing facilities, which operate with different standards, the enterprise level manufacturing facility needs be certain that there is no variability in terms of production or processes.

For this reason, the cloud is the perfect way for manufacturing executives to govern enterprise quality from multiple locations. Using a statistical process control engine such as InfinityQS ProFicient, the cloud is capable of aggregating multiple types of data into a single quality control hub which can be accessed from any location by an authorized user. Executives can monitor productivity levels and gain a clear picture of internal processes across many different locations without having to log to separate systems at each point.

When driving quality standards across multiple locations, it makes sense to consider the advantages of cloud deployments. Manufacturers are now looking more seriously at the cloud than in previous years due to advances in security and the cost advantages of not having to manage networks, databases and software upgrades, which can be time consuming in on-premise deployments. Time-sensitive processes that depend heavily on the functionality of apps and network services can remain in operation at all times using a reliable cloud model. It should be noted that there are a variety of cloud-based IT services at this level and a hybrid solution using both cloud and on-premiseis capable of being deployed, as well. 

For more information about how InfinityQS ProFicient can help your large enterprise integrate into the cloud, please click here.

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