Quality Challenge #5: No Global Visibility

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By InfinityQS Blog | December 2, 2014
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Companies with multiple manufacturing plants across the globe have unique challenges in measuring and comparing quality data. In most cases, each plant is collecting data in isolation from the other facilities, leading to a lack of standardization across the enterprise. Furthermore, different languages, time zones and measurement units only add to the confusion. This makes it extremely difficult to compare data and determine the most effective equipment, materials and processes.

Blueprint: The first step
Just because you are a global company does not mean that you can’t have complete visibility across your entire organization. With a global quality hub, you have a single place to perform all of your important quality comparisons and analysis. A comprehensive quality hub can also alleviate burdens global companies face including: time synchronization, database hierarchies, languages and measurement units.

Real Problems, Real Results

General Cable | Secondary Challenges: Incomplete Plant View; Delayed Improvement Cycles
Complete Traceability from Beginning to End of Production
General Cable is a global leader in the development, manufacture, design and distribution of aluminum, copper and fiber-optic wire and cable products. With 57 manufacturing plants across 26 countries, the company saw a need for a quality system that would help control process variation across its global manufacturing base. With InfinityQS ProFicient, General Cable has created a centralized repository for seamless data collection and analysis. The on-premise implementation included over 100 individual applications to monitor manufacturing processes, ensure product quality and retarget raw material usage through analysis of process capabilities. Today, General Cable’s quality team analyzes data to help identify areas for improvement, improve process variations and ensure the continued production of high-quality products.


Cooper Tire & Rubber Company | Secondary Challenges: Incomplete Plant View; Delayed Improvement Cycles
Realized $400,000 in Annual Savings
As a global manufacturer of a wide variety of branded tires, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company sought to establish highly efficient production processes and streamline their supply chain with low-cost, high quality raw materials. Cooper also needed an enterprise-wide solution that they could deploy in phases throughout their global operations. They standardized on InfinityQS’ ProFicient software because it could provide real-time, detailed quality analysis capabilities at the process level, and also integrate with Cooper’s existing MES and ERP systems. This enabled Cooper to shift resources and focus on those processes needing the most improvement. The result was operational process improvements with significant cost savings, increased productivity and improvements in process performance index. In one plant, Cooper realized $400,000 in annual savings just by analyzing the dimensional data of components. The software also enabled Cooper meet all requirements and become ISO 9001 certified.


Beverage Leader | Secondary Challenges: Delayed Improvement Cycles; Incomplete Plant View
Deployed 143-Site Quality Platform in 18 Months
A $20-billion global beverage company sought to establish and maintain standardized quality for their global enterprise, but faced numerous challenges when considering the different languages, available tools and resources and the localized preference for varying best practices. The company recognized that their homegrown system would not accommodate their vision so they turned to the InfinityQS ProFicient on Demand to quickly deploy the software across their enterprise. ProFicient accommodated the established quality checks and offered features and functionality to promote continuous improvement efforts across their entire footprint. With the cloud, plant managers incorporated tablets and mobile devices for lines that were removed from the main plant floor area and management is able to access reports and analytics from anywhere. By leveraging the centralized database, the technical team can configure global settings in one location and those changes become instantaneous, system-wide updates to the software. With the private cloud deployment, the company was able to attain time-to-value as they fully deployed the system across 143 sites in less than 18 months.

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