Quality Challenge #6: Supplier Quality Visibility

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By InfinityQS Blog | December 9, 2014
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Managing the quality of suppliers’ products continues to be a challenge for most manufacturers. The complex nature of today’s global supply chains only complicates the matter.

  • Inconsistent or low-quality incoming lots lead to long-term problems such as delayed production schedules, excess inventory or a potential recall.
  • Poor supplier quality often leads to extra time, energy and money spent conducting incoming inspections.

Blueprint: The first step
A cloud-based Manufacturing Intelligence software solution enables you to view and analyze supplier production data as it is entered into a centralized database in real time. If an issue occurs, your supplier can resolve the problem before the product leaves their facility. This functionality helps minimize inspection times, reduce the number of shipments returned to the supplier and ensures quality materials are incorporated in your final products.

Real Problems, Real Results

Complete traceability from beginning to end of production

A major U.S.-based bicycle manufacturer successfully deployed InfinityQS ProFicient at its own facilities, but couldn’t apply the same quality to its parts suppliers in Taiwan and China. The resulting lack of visibility meant that the bike manufacturer remained unaware of problems until products arrived in the U.S. market, leaving the company exposed to a high potential of risk. By transitioning to ProFicient on Demand, the U.S. Company put its far-flung suppliers on the same quality page, sharing the same critical data at the same time. Today, the company and its partners receive real-time alerts that support rapid corrective actions, creating a leaner manufacturing environment and reducing the defects that could have otherwise cost two months of transit time across the Pacific Ocean.


A Decrease in Inherent Quality Defects with Supplier Visibility
Cloud-Based Solution Provides Domestic and International Visibility
A top automotive parts manufacturer based in the U.S. needed a quality software that would not only monitor its global plants but also provide real-time visibility into the operations of its suppliers in China. The company chose to implement the cloud-based deployment of ProFicient on Demand based on the ability to not only monitor the quality of products in real-time but also the capability to access the information virtually anywhere and anytime. Today, ProFicient’s real-time email alerts provide visibility into out-of-spec issues long before the product is shipped from the China facility. Furthermore, the company has experienced increased confidence in collected data while reducing overall defects and inspection times.

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