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Greg Matranga
By Greg Matranga | June 23, 2022
Vice President of Global Marketing

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We’ve all heard of “movers and shakers.” Right? Well, while a mover and shaker may, indeed, be “a person who is active or influential in some field of endeavor” (thanks Merriam-Webster!), but that’s really referring—in a general way—to someone who puts themself out there, takes the spotlight, and has a direct impact on something. The folks I want to address with this blog are not stepping into any spotlight.
They’re not seeking the limelight or craving headlines. They work hard, make a direct impact on their organizations, and keep the great engine that is modern manufacturing chugging along. They are the “doers” and “improvers.”
Doers and Improvers Using Enact 
And I want to talk to all the doers and improvers in manufacturing out there. I’ve got some great news that directly affects you…

Doers and Improvers

Are you someone who is directly concerned with the daily operational performance of machines on the plant floor? Is your day so crazy that you tend to focus on managing what’s on your plate right now? A data collection, for instance; or an adjustment to a machine on line one. Does your direct and timely action keep your organization running smoothly and optimally? And are you responsible for ensuring product quality, consistency, and compliance to defined internal, customer, and industry standards? Then you are a “doer.” You are detail-oriented; and you’re motivated by getting things right and making your products right the first time, every time.
Are you someone in your manufacturing organization who aims for “mastery of your environment?” Are you on a quest for continuous improvement, looking beyond the concerns of the single process or line in your purview to discover opportunities for bigger-picture gains? And when you find such an opportunity, are you willing to change the status quo whenever you can and instill best practices across processes, lines—and even out to other plants? Then you are an “improver.”
Stay Connected with Enact

Enacting Quality for Doers and Improvers

Specifically, “doers” could be quality engineers, production control managers, lab technicians, shift supervisors, operation coordinators, and the like. “Improvers” could be continuous improvement specialists, Six Sigma Blackbelts, operations analysts, plant or factory managers, or business/data analysts. You’re all very important to how well, and how smoothly, your organizations run. You are “the tip of the spear” for your manufacturing operations.
Well, I’m here to tell you that there is good news for you: Enact®, from InfinityQS®. The Enact quality management platform makes critical production data actionable in real time. With automated digital data collection and advanced analytics, manufacturing teams around the globe who are using Enact are empowered to optimize quality, processes, and compliance. It’s a game-changer for doers and improvers. You want this.

What Manufacturers Need

Always Connected with EnactBecause today’s manufacturing industry is so hyper-competitive, manufacturing organizations must find a way to reach two compelling, primary outcomes—outcomes driven by competing demands from internal and external stakeholders.
First of all, manufacturers must optimize their operations’ performance. Continually fine-tuning your manufacturing production operations ensures a healthy and profitable organization (and bottom line).
And manufacturers must ensure their operations’ compliance. Continually meeting the strict requirements of internal governance, customer specifications, and external regulations ensures that your operations remain a well-oiled production machine.

Aligning Ongoing Initiatives

So, how do achieve these outcomes? They are certainly not mutually exclusive; in fact, one might argue that they are part and parcel of the same drive that modern manufacturers come to expect from their operations teams. I offer the following as a three-pronged approach to mastering manufacturing optimization—the perfect balance of cost, value, and risk to ensure optimal performance and compliance:

Contain and Reduce Costs—Costs depend on factors from both outside the factory walls. The production operations costs that are under internal control include:
  • Waste, scrap, and giveaway
  • Rework and resource efficiency
  • Productivity and downtime
  • Yield
  • Workforce management
Improve Product/Business Value—Product quality is essential, but quality is just one aspect of value. Overall value also depends on:
  • Product consistency
  • Process and product reliability
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand reputation
  • Sustainability
  • Product and market innovation
Reduce Risk—Quality or production issues can damage profits—and the brand. Manufacturers continually work to mitigate risks including:
  • Operational risk
  • Quality risks
  • Strategic/reputation risks
  • Compliance risks
  • Regulatory risks
Real-Time Analysis with Enact 

Why InfinityQS?

InfinityQS provides elegant yet practical plant-floor solutions that enable Doers and Improvers to get extraordinary value from manufacturing production processes data.
Our software is powered by our advanced SPC engine and purpose-built to enable:
  • Simpler, accurate data collection
  • Smarter data analysis
  • Optimized production operations
InfinityQS quality management solutions erase operational barriers—giving production, quality, and operations teams the platform, tools, and shared insights they need to respond quickly to whatever challenges they face today, and whatever comes next.
We bring the information that matters to the people who need it—to control manufacturing quality and processes, reduce waste and risk, and ensure compliance.
Make Strategic Decisions Quickly with Enact

What We Offer

We offer Enact. Our cloud-based Enact quality management platform makes data meaningful, delivering the information in real time to the people who use it. Powered by our advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) analytics engine, Enact makes collecting, understanding, and using data easy—and enables shared visibility into the heart of your business.
With actionable insights from Enact at their fingertips, your quality, production, and operations teams are empowered to improve compliance, maximize value, and minimize cost and risk.
And right now, we’re offering Enact for free! Our mission here at InfinityQS is to help organizations of all sizes achieve excellence in quality by providing software, services, and expertise that exceed expectations. We succeed when you succeed. Our experience tells us that when organizations get our software in their hands, and really get a chance to use it, good things happen.
So, we’re offering a free subscription with two licenses of our award-winning cloud-native quality management platform, Enact. Learn all there is to know about the free subscription here. The idea behind offering a free subscription of Enact is just to get the product in your hands. You’ll have an environment that’s ready to go for you—all it needs is your data. Once you build your first data collection, you’ll start seeing the immediate benefits of Enact’s notifications and analysis, as well as the long-term benefits of more strategic analysis using aggregated data.
Doers and achievers unite! Try Enact for free and reap the benefits of our powerful and easy-to-use quality management platform.
I encourage you to take advantage of the technology at your fingertips today: visit our website for more information about a free subscription to Enact.

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